How to Bring Summer into the Bedroom

July 10, 2017

Are you looking for an easy way to give your bedroom a refresh for summer? It’s a lot simpler than you may think! Here are my tips to creating a whole new look for the … Continue reading

How to Decorate a Small Outdoor Space

April 5, 2017

Do you have a small outdoor space that you would love to decorate and enjoy? Let me show you how I decorated two balconies at a high rise apartment. Let’s take a look at the … Continue reading

Transition into Spring with This Blue Bedroom Makeover

February 27, 2017

Last week I wrote about my shopping trip for our blue master bedroom makeover, and today is the big reveal. After painting our deep navy walls white, we decided to spruce up the room with a gorgeous blue … Continue reading

See How Christmas Pillows Bring Holiday Cheer

December 5, 2016
Decorating with Christmas Pillows

Have I ever told you that my biggest weakness is throw pillows? No matter how many times I tell myself, “I am not buying another pillow,” I end up with MORE throw pillows. There are … Continue reading

Get a Timeless Look with Monochrome Decor

August 12, 2016

I’m going monochrome with my home. I’ve recently adopted naturals, from makeup to clothing, and now I’m bringing it into my home. I have a white couch (well, bone) and a black rug at home, and … Continue reading

Save Your Bedding from the Winter Blues

January 15, 2016

Do you ever feel a little down after the holidays? All the Christmas decorating and hype that goes along with the most magical time of year quickly comes to an end, leaving us (or at least … Continue reading

Get Busy with Summertime Bedding

May 21, 2015

Are you excited for summer? I am! Let’s get busy sprucing up our bedding and welcome summer inside our homes. Whenever I create a bedding theme, I try to start with a neutral duvet or blanket. That … Continue reading

Take Off Your Shoes and Relax with a Family Picnic

May 15, 2015

To tell you the truth, from time to time I catch myself dreaming of a magical door to escape from some of the daily mommy duties. A dimension where I can still watch my kids peacefully playing while I … Continue reading