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I think everything I find At HomeGoods is my favorite find. If I had to choose just one though, it would be one of my mirrored tables.

What's Lizbeth's story?

I was born with interior design in my blood. As long as I could remember, since I was a little girl I loved it. I never went to school for it but I could design a whole house from scratch. I got into blogging because I got an invitation from HomeGoods to do some projects and they suggested I start a blog. I didn’t think I could do it at first but when you put your mind and heart into it, everything suddenly seems easier. Thank you to HomeGoods for giving me the push I needed and for believing in me.

Where do you like to find your décor inspiration?

Normally I don’t look for it because I find inspiration in everything I see. I love everything that inspires me and I store all my ideas in my head. However, Pinterest is one of the most powerful tools this day and age to find all the inspiration you need.

Three things that make my home happy:

a good mirror

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March 09, 2020
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Furniture and Home Accents

Summer is here and that means it’s time to clean and decorate the patio! In California, it always rains throughout Fall/Winter but this year it didn’t. There was a bit of rain here and there which gave me the opportunity…

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December 03, 2019
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If you ask me, this is quite literally the best time of they year! It’s the most beautiful season and Christmas is so important for a lot of families like mine. It’s a time when we all get together and…

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When I decided to give my living room a little refresh, I wanted to make sure it was my style but without costing too much. What changes did I want to make? I wanted to give it a fresh new…

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July 09, 2019
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It’s officially the week of the 4th of July and it’s the perfect time to renovate this bedroom a bit. First things first, bedding. At my local HomeGoods, I find all the best bedding options for the summer.  This bedroom…

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Summer Ready Patio

April 01, 2019
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When someone asks me to decorate their yard, I get so excited! This is easily one of my favorite areas of the home to do. Spring is here and summer is just around the corner which means a lot of…

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Organizing in Style

February 11, 2019
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Organization and Cleaning

Every time a new year starts, we all have tons of resolutions we want to accomplish. One of the most popular ones has to be getting into shape. Another popular one is getting control of your home and making sure…

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A Christmas Table that’s a conversation starter

December 18, 2018
by Lizbeth

Kitchen and Dining Seasonal Decor

The most special time of the year is here and I can absolutely say that it is my favorite holiday of the year! I’m always anxiously awaiting this time of the year to start decorating and one of my favorite…

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Getting Ready For Christmas

December 01, 2018
by Lizbeth

Seasonal Decor

Another year has passed and I want to say thank you to all of you for being here and making my days a little brighter. It brings me great joy to think that I’m able to inspire you and help…

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Holiday Cocktail Party

November 14, 2018
by Lizbeth

Entertaining and Recipes Seasonal Decor

Organizing a holiday cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated. With a quick trip to the grocery and of course HomeGoods you can find everything you need on your list. At HomeGoods you can expect to find all sorts of glassware…

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Modern Nursery

September 20, 2018
by Lizbeth

Kids and Pets

Decorating kids’ rooms is one my favorite things to do. For this project, I got to do a nursery; Easton’s nursery. It’s not your typical baby boy room with the blue paint. This is something more classic and simple. Today…

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