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What's Gloribell's story?

By combining both my knowledge of interior and graphic design, I will bring to you decoration ideas and easy-to-do projects for your home. For me, spaces are always evolving; and I help them to! (P.S. Love the art of crafting, shhh!)

Favorite fallback for organizing a cluttered counter or closet:

Love putting everything in color, size or even form order. It makes an eye statement and quickly yells out of ORDER.

Three things that make my home happy:

Decorative pillows.
A statement chair (for that special corner).
Mirrors (they make any space bigger and brighter).

Also by Gloribell:

Bedroom Refresh with Indigo Artisan Patterns

June 19, 2018
by Gloribell

Bed and Bath Furniture and Home Accents

From time to time, I like to give our master bedroom a refresh. And there’s no better season to do so than Spring or Summer to help create a welcoming and fresh feeling. I normally opt for  neutrals when I’m updating…

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Get Ready for Summer Decor

June 07, 2018
by Gloribell

Furniture and Home Accents Seasonal Decor

Summer in the living room might sound like an interesting title for a novel. But instead is where I’ll be spending most of this new season because sincerely, Miami weather is too hot for days outside. Creating the perfect breezy…

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Bring Your Indoor Decor Outdoors

May 03, 2018
by Gloribell

Outdoor Living Seasonal Decor

The sun, the breeze and some plants! All of these make for the perfect setting for an outdoor area. For me – adding my personal style and touch to an outdoor area makes it that much more special and makes…

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6 Tips to Get the Most out of Small Office Area

March 27, 2018
by Gloribell

Furniture and Home Accents Organization and Cleaning

Small houses might sometimes feel a little daunting when it comes to laying out their functionality. For instance they might lack of closet space not to mention, an office. Back in the day, our 1938 home was built for those…

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Kid’s Easter Basket Ideas

February 20, 2018
by Gloribell

Gifting Kids and Pets

For some of us, Springtime is all about new blooms, better temperatures and even refreshing the home’s decor. But it is also the season when we celebrate Easter. And to make sure I’m all set this year, I’ve started collecting…

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Transitional Palm Style for Spring

February 14, 2018
by Gloribell

Furniture and Home Accents Seasonal Decor

The start of a new season always brings exciting plans and ideas both for our lives and for home. We get so inspired by what the next season will bring that we want to start innovating right away. For me,…

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Get Closet Storage Bliss With These Tips

January 05, 2018
by Gloribell

Furniture and Home Accents Kids and Pets Organization and Cleaning

Almost every time at the beginning of the year, many of us have one word on our minds: organization. One can sometimes feel overwhelmed when thinking on ways to start this tedious task. But with the right materials and a…

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Family and Friends Outdoor Gathering in a Cozy Area

December 14, 2017
by Gloribell

Furniture and Home Accents Outdoor Living Seasonal Decor

Finally cooler temperatures have arrived to our city and this means more night times in our patio. This year summer was harsh, but now that we are getting those under 50℉, s’mores, hot chocolate and fire pits are on our…

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Thanksgiving Dinner – Simple and Al Fresco

November 15, 2017
by Gloribell

Furniture and Home Accents Kitchen and Dining Outdoor Living Seasonal Decor

Setting the table for family and friends shouldn’t make anyone feel anxious. Keeping things simple and making the most out of what you already have is always the key. We are hosting Thanksgiving this year at our house and I’m…

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Refresh and Re-Style Your Bedroom Through the Seasons

October 31, 2017
by Gloribell

Bed and Bath Furniture and Home Accents Seasonal Decor

Through the year, some areas in our home tend to change based on the season. While some people might bring in iconic pieces to their décor, I always opt for a more subtle approach.  Since we live in Miami, keeping…

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