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Art You’ll Heart: Discover Art, Celebrate Artists

August 13, 2021
by HG Guest

Art and Wall Decor

Meet some of the artists behind the incredible art selection at HomeGoods and Homesense. Read their biographies and personal stories to learn what inspires them and fuels their creativity every day.

Meet Alja Hovart

Alja Horvat is a 23 year old illustrator based in Slovenia, where she also grew up. She is currently finishing her degree at the University of Natural Sciences and Engineering in Ljubljana. Art has always been a passion of hers, and she decided to take it more seriously in 2018.

She mainly works with her Wacom Intous graphic tablet, but she also loves traditional painting with oils. She is inspired by everything that surrounds her, mostly by nature and museums. Being a big fan of 60s, 70s and 80s, one can feel the nostalgia in her illustrations.

Alja Horvat is also a part of Forbes 30 Under 30 Art & Culture 2020 and she received an Elle Style Fashion Award for Young Talent in 2019.




Instagram: @aljahorvat



Meet Bria Nicole

Bria Nicole is a visual artist and illustrator of modern lifestyle imagery. She is inspired by the world around her and illustrates nature, portraits, figures, food, and travels with a bold color palette of mostly earth/clay tones and pastels. Her work contains some classic bohemian and Afro-bohemian elements, with gold and metallic accents to elevate her designs for stylish living spaces.

As a Black female artist, she focuses on representing women of color in her creations the way she looks to be represented in art: with vibrant color, style, grace and joy.

She is inspired by fine art and design styles from all over the world and her favorite place to look for inspiration is in Marrakesh and Scandinavian design styles. Additionally, she immerses herself in the world of interior design, photography and fashion which collectively influence her creations.



Meet Bruno Mascolo

Bruno Mascolo was born with the creative gene that came from an artistic family of world-renowned hairdressers. He began expressing his artistic talents as a hairdressing entrepreneur. Bruno then traded in his comb & shears for a paint brush & canvas and self-taught himself to master the art of painting vibrant, abstract masterpieces. This natural artistic transition is exemplified through his works of art which demonstrate his inner creative spirit.

Although Bruno is color blind, he miraculously constructs a multitude of vibrant, cohesive paintings. He has also crafted beautiful ornate sculptures based off objects from his paintings. Though he might see the world with a lack of color, he is able to use the color of his experiences to guide him.

Bruno has been invited to showcase his copious works at numerous art shows throughout Dallas, New York, & Los Angeles. He has been published in various art magazines. His unique style of art & color usage is eye catching and pushes the limits of modern art.


Instagram: @brunomascoloart



Meet Domonique Brown

Domonique is a contemporary Pop artist from Pomona, California. She creates energetic portraits that defy traditional pictorial representations. As an illustrator, she works from the ground up, layering markers and acrylic strokes until she carves out a colorful portrait. Domonique’s art is a celebration of diversity. Her portraits showcase men and women of color, so people can see a depiction of their identity and feel empowered.


Instagram: @Snoopdoggydom  



Meet Erika Pope

“The Sow Co. is all about manifesting light into your everyday life. Create a world that radiates positivity by sowing the seeds today that you want to see blossom tomorrow. Every item in my shop has been specially designed and curated by my art collective, and seeks to exude strength, love, passion, and evoke emotional and spiritual peace and solitude, oh and of course add something authentic and beautiful to your life! “


Instagram: @thesowco


Meet EttaVee

Born and raised in Indiana, Jessi began her love affair with color at the age of four and has been creating ever since. She moved to San Francisco where she worked as an art director in advertising for top Bay Area clients. In 2013, she moved to Paris for love where she started creating colorful fine art pieces and designs to brighten up her surroundings; and thus, the vibrant world of EttaVee was born. Since its launch in 2014, EttaVee has become a lifestyle brand that expresses optimism and joy through color. EttaVee’s cheerful designs have been featured on home décor, stationery, tech accessories, textiles and apparel.


Instagram: @ettavee


Meet Kathryn White

While living in England, Kathryn found inspiration at the Cotswold Hills that surrounded her home and from her frequent trips to Europe. The flea markets of Paris, the hills of Umbria in Italy, and the simple classic charm of Stockholm in Sweden have all found expression in her work. Now from her studio on the Shorth Shore of Massachusetts, she returns to these influences as an endless source of concepts, lights, colors, designs and decorative elements with which she celebrates the New World as well as the Old.

The Art of Kathryn White fuses contemporary materials and techniques with traditional methods. Her versatility allows her to paint in both oils and watercolors and in the centuries old medium of egg tempera.

Instagram: @Kathryn_white_painter 



Meet PinkLoMein

Ashley was born in Frankfurt Germany and travelled the world with her family as a young child. She is currently living in Houston, Texas as a full-time visual artist. She calls herself PinkLoMein, which is a name she came up with many years ago, because she wanted something unique and different and to stand out as an artist. Ashley’s love for art has cultivated a community of collectors and who truly appreciate the work she puts out. As an artist, she is humble, brave, and always seeking the very best version of herself.

Her art reflects everyday people with a focus on women empowerment and positive affirmations. She has painted murals and created various public installations in many different cities. She has painted live on a stage amongst Grammy-nominated artists. Her art has propelled her to work with many different companies that has been used for apparel and marketing. Ashley creates art beyond the canvas, her art has expanded to hand-painted bags, jackets, or anything else she can get her hands on.

Instagram: @Pinklomein_



Meet Princella Seripenah

“Hello! I’m Princella N. Seripenah, 22-year-old medical student and self-taught digital illustrator born and raised in Accra, Ghana.

Medicine has always been my passion and I equated that to being a medical doctor. However, after a period of clinical practice during my third year of study, I realized that it wasn’t for me and that being a doctor was not the only way to express my deep desire to help people – I began exploring within myself and was able to revive my childhood dream for drawing and creating art that speaks to the soul. I’m currently in my fifth year of med school while freelancing as an illustrator!

For me, being an illustrator has become a mission. On my self-taught journey, I’ve gotten to understand how illustration can be so important and influential. What I like most about illustration is how you get to convey emotions with graphics and how they can solve problems.

Majority of my personal work captures calm and genuinely peaceful subjects, with hopes of inviting that same feeling to the viewer since we live in a crazy world that likes to spread fear and doubt. I also tend to create art that would spark hope and confidence in the viewer.

I love working with warm earthy tones and palettes but that doesn’t stop me from experimenting with different color palettes!”


Instagram: @artbyprincella 




At HomeGoods and Homesense, our merchandise is ever changing and may vary per store. The artists and art pieces included above are a small spotlight of the wider variety of merchandise sold in the wall décor section of HomeGoods and Homesense.








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