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Bohemian Inspired Outdoor Celebration | Tablescapes

August 02, 2021
by Courtney

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Whether celebrating a birthday or special occasion – the perfect place to start looking for inspiration is at HomeGoods. Today I am sharing a recent bohemian inspired shower celebration that was full of whimsy and charm – and a comfortable casual elegance.

A Soft Place to Land

I started with layers of cozy pillows around a low table. The key when setting up a low table is all about the comfort – choose pillows in several large sizes like oversized throw pillow and euro size and also vary the firmness- and layer a lot of them. I usually layer the larger firmer ones underneath and add softer more squishy pillows on top.

Tip: This low table is a pallet table with a rustic planked board top. You can also create a similar look and set up using a coffee table.


For the place settings- it is all about layers and a mix and mingle of vintage and new. I used simple white plates, chunky goblets and a mix of vintage glass, teacups, flatware and linens for a casual elegant look.

Dried Flowers

I also fell in love with several bunches of dried flowers while shopping- and they were perfect for scattering on the table.


Something Whimsical

With a bohemian style – it is all about this and that and a bit of whimsy. I was excited to find several beautiful gold waste baskets on the shelf at HomeGoods- and knew they would be the perfect container for flowers. Simply place a large glass vase or jar inside and fill with favorite flowers  for instant elegance.

The Food

I brought home several boxes of macaroons, gold foil wrapped chocolates, wafer cookies and shortbread for the table – and added fresh pastries, fruit and a custom cake for enjoying.

Charming Tables

I fell in love with the beautiful baskets the minute I saw them. And I knew the perfect way to use them for this table setting. I decided to flip them both over and use them as tables for placing the cake platter and donuts on. So simple and easy to do – and they look absolutely beautiful.  I love the lines and organic feeling they brought to this setting.

Tip: When using cookies or flowers on a cake as decorations- always make sure to use a liner between the cake and the decorations to keep them from directly touching the cake or food you will be serving.  Not all flowers are edible so best to be safe always.


Twinkle lights and candles are perfect for adding a touch of ambiance to your setting. A tip is to use them as a backdrop- think about hanging them in a tree or set up a couple of poles to string them on. You can also use them on the table. I love to pick up jar and taper candles whenever I shop to have some on hand for the next time I host.

I hope that these tips and ideas inspire you and your next backyard celebration!

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