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Summer Bedroom Refresh

June 30, 2021
by Lizbeth

Bed and Bath Furniture and Home Accents

The cold days are gone and Summer is here. This time of the year I love to give my bedrooms little refresh. Spring/Summer always give me motivation to change up things in my home and one of my favorite rooms to do is always bedrooms because you don’t have to do much to switch it up before the next season rolls around. Today I’ll be showing you a couple of fabulous examples of refreshing your bedroom for the summer! 

I love going to HomeGoods to get ideas for my next projects because you will always find something interesting and eye catching there. One of the easiest and most affordable things you can do to switch it up is changing your bedding. In this room I switched out the duvet. I think these are great and simple as you can buy different duvets and change them out whenever you feel like it.


This room is definitely for those who don’t shy away from color. I loved this yellow bed blanket as soon as I saw it. The color is bright and dramatic and really stands out. I combined it with pink and I love the way they look together!


I added these 2 small striped benches to match to the duvet cover. The star decor on the wall in gold I found at HomeGoods and I think they give the perfect touch to the bedroom.

Here is another option for those who are more into neutrals. I’m definitely a neutrals girl! I love those classic colors with a “wow factor” added in. My bedroom is definitely my sanctuary and every season I love to give it a different look. Adding small details can change the look big time.

To refresh my bedroom for the Summer, I decided to add some new white bedding and my favorite rose color that never fails. I added some new pillows, a new rug, and of course flowers (never forget those). I love a neutral room with a lot texture to add interest.

I also added these mirrors to reflect more natural light in the room and I love the way they look. The price was affordable and can work with all types of budgets. This “dream” sign I found the same day I found these mirrors and I knew it would be perfect in my room.

You don’t need to make a lot of changes to have your room ready for any season. Simple changes can make the biggest difference. I believe plants will always give any room life and of course look beautiful.

Again, I always say bedding is one of the easiest and most affordable things you can do to change up a space. I hope you all enjoyed my simple tips and ideas and I’ve inspired you to switch things up in your home! Be sure to follow me on social media @homeandfabulous for more home inspo.

Until next time!

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