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Summer Entertaining: Outdoor Table Setting Tips

June 28, 2021
by Michael

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During the summer I will take any excuse to entertain and dine outdoors. It’s one of my favorite ways to enjoy all the beauty and warmth that this season has to offer.

Setting a beautiful outdoor table might seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you think. I thought I would show you my latest outdoor table setting and share tips that will help you create a welcoming and beautiful al fresco tablescape. Let’s do it!


1. Pick a Color Scheme:
Whenever I’m decorating a table, I find it easiest to start with a theme or color scheme. Having some direction makes the whole process much easier.

My inspiration for this table was these acrylic cups with lemon graphics that I found at HomeGoods. I used the colors in the graphics (yellow, green, and pink) as I made the selections for the rest of my table.

2. Add Layers:
If you’re looking to add a lot of depth and interest to your table setting, considering adding layers.

As you can see here, I started with a tablecloth, added placemats, and even layered my dinnerware. This is always a great way to add different textures to your table and it will also add interest and appeal.

I also opted for melamine dinnerware. I especially love this set because it looks so chic. This set looks like stone/terrazzo. It always works well with my color scheme.

3. Set the Mood: 
I love adding candles to any of my tables. They add warmth, light, and movement. When I spotted these large candles with carved, angled details, I knew they would be lovely on this table.

I also love that these candles are unscented. This is good for a few reasons. First, I prefer unscented candles at a table because strong scents can take away from the beautiful aromas and flavors of the food being served. Secondly, especially in outdoor settings, some scents can actually attract bugs.

Want to keep the bugs away? Use citronella or other bug-repelling candles, but place them away from the table.

4. Add Flowers and Decor:
I think flowers or some sort of botanical element is a must for any table setting. For this table, I pulled inspiration from that subtle pop of pink in the cups. I also wanted blooms that were currently in season. I purchased this bouquet of flowers from a local flower farm. A bowl of lemons tops off the look with a splash of color and seasonal interest.

To finish off the table, I added a large tray to the center of the table. I love using a tray like this because I can easily move everything out of the way to make way for the food when it’s time to eat.

Bonus Tip:
Did you know HomeGoods has grilling accessories too? While I was shopping, I picked up this salt and pepper shaker set that I can use just for my outdoor grill.

I also found some great new grilling tools and a galvanized tray for carrying things back and forth to the kitchen or table. Another candle and some flowers tie it all together.

Summer Entertaining Table Setting Complete:

And with that, your table is ready for a fabulous al fresco meal. Doesn’t it look inviting? I told you it was easier than you thought!

I hope you gained some inspiration and ideas for your next outdoor gathering. Remember to make it your own, have fun, and enjoy!




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