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June 28, 2021
by Amy

Bed and Bath Organization and Cleaning

Life at home has been busy! We have been working, learning and living to the max in our own homes a lot this past year.  Before we know it, things can become very messy and disorganized! Not to worry, HomeGoods has so many great organization pieces to get you back on track! It’s best to tackle organization goals one room at a time, to keep things manageable. 

Many people have even decided to take on remodeling projects, including my family! This was the year of bathroom remodels for us.  After completing our girls’ bathroom, I didn’t want to put anything back in place unless it was organized and pretty! I started with drawer organization.

It’s OK to be creative and think outside the box: I found these cute drawer liners, that were actually made for lining refrigerator shelves! I loved the pattern, color and quality of them, and I thought they would be perfect for these drawers.

They are easy to wipe clean and they add another layer of interest to the drawers. Next up, small plastic drawer organizers to keep things tidy. Using a color theme makes functionality, fun!

When you’re getting things organized, you may also realize it is time to replace some essentials.  In our case, it was time to replace some toiletries! I love finding all of these little goodies at HomeGoods just as much as bigger items! Hairbrushes, soaps and scrubs, hair ties, lotions, sponges, and so much more.

Since drawer space is a minimum for my two girls, I thought I would tuck a couple of decorative baskets under the vanity for backup essentials.  I chose open baskets versus closed containers to encourage them to keep things to a minimum.

This bath mat and towels were the first items I chose when I was shopping for this space.  I love the pale palette and pattern.

I needed a place to hang bath towels, but I wanted something interesting! I was so happy to find this great wood ladder, and I loved the white dipped bottom. It adds an organic element to the bathroom.

This driftwood inspired mirror also brought a relaxed and rustic element to the space. A mini olive tree for a pop of greenery, and a glass soap bottle are simple and decorative for the countertop.

To add a little color to the walls, I chose these pieces of minimal art.  They help carry the theme over to the other side of the room.

As the sun goes down, we turn on this little strip of LED lights that we placed under the vanity, for the perfect ambiance! An unexpected surprise! And yes, you can find them at HomeGoods too!

I hope I have inspired you to get creative and pretty with your home organizing ventures.  I promise it can be fun to be tidy! Give it a try!


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