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Fourth of July Outdoor Patio and Porch Inspo

June 28, 2021
by Jessica

Outdoor Living Seasonal Decor

Decorating with red, white and blue is so much fun! Whether you are decorating your patio, front door or inside your home, patriotic decor is perfect for many of the months throughout the year. 

We live in Massachusetts so we only have about 6 months out of the year where our outdoor living spaces are usable. Our patio is just outside our kitchen and living room so it’s a nice extension of our indoor living space. 

I love decorating my patio each year and this time around, I opted to keep the table centerpiece simple. Whether it’s adding a flower display and candles or for functional use during dinner time a wooden tray can be used for so many different things.

HomeGoods also has so many amazing red, white and blue throw themed pillows and adorable patriotic decorative items, like this gnome! And the beaded stars pillow is one of my favorite new items I picked up this year and i got it at an amazing price! It looks great with varying pillows featuring navy and red. 

For my front door, I picked up this gorgeous patriotic wreath along with these signs from HomeGoods. It is indicative of an Italian Villa so the metal bars sometimes throw me off when it comes to decorating but this wreath and red, white and blue wooden flag coordinated perfectly.

I was also so happy to see patriotic banners and flags at my local HomeGoods stores. I quickly snagged the flag that I hung from my veranda! I wasn’t sure how it was going to look when I bought it but I figured it would look good somewhere around my house ;).


Planters filled with red, white and blue flowers always help bring the look together whether it be on your patio or front door.

And of course, Miss Chesney, our golden-doodle wiggles her way into most pictures! I swear she knows when she sees my camera tripod come out of the closet that it’s photoshoot time and that means treats! 

For more patriotic decorating ideas, you can check out my patio and entertaining post I did for HomeGoods last year featuring neutral decor mixed with patriotic design elements.


Jessica is a paid HomeGoods blogger and you can find more about here multigenerational family living under one roof along with their home renovations and projects at Four Generations One Roof.

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