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Spring Spruce Ups

April 13, 2021
by HG Guest

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Hi everyone! With Spring in full swing, two of our HomeGoods Style Experts – Beth Diana Smith & Jenny Reimold – are here to share how they incorporated their latest HomeGoods finds into a Spring spruce up.   Whether you’re a maximalist mogul or a coastal queen, enjoy their tips and tricks as you consider refreshing up your home.

Boost-Up your Bar Cart

Beth: For a funky, colorful bar with good vibes for Spring, mix bright colors against a pop of black using HomeGoods finds such as a wow-worthy orange juju hat (cue the cartwheels the moment I found it in store!), a ceramic yellow vase, and a lidded black urn. Pro tip: use the juju hat (a feather headdress handmade in Cameroon) as wall art to create more space for practical décor on a bar cart or shelf!

Create a Colorful Centerpiece

Jenny: For a quick sunny spruce-up on your dining room table, put together your own bouquet that will last all spring using colorful faux florals mixed with real greens for an all-natural look. Style the faux florals (there are a ton of amazing options at HomeGoods!) in woven, ceramic, or clay planters inside or outside.

Spruce up your Kitchen “Shelfie”

Beth: Add a bit of ~ spice ~ to the kitchen by swapping in new kitchenware on an open shelf. By adding colorful ceramic patterned plates and bowls alongside unique decorative accessories I was able to create a visually interesting moment in the kitchen. I am OBSESSED with all the colorful patterned dishes from HomeGoods – perfect for a kitchen #shelfie!

Bring the outdoors inside!

Jenny: Pick up a faux palm or faux fiddle leaf fig tree from HomeGoods and style it in a woven basket; consider putting next to a window for added light, organic shape, and visual appeal while you work. It’s a quick and affordable hack for any space!

Find Bedroom Bliss

Beth: Make your bedroom a self-care sanctuary by integrating things that make you smile. Incorporate an unexpected color combination like mixing army green, coral, and yellow and/or grab a unique and gorgeous patterned floor poof, perfect for a morning meditation.

Jenny: For a more calming costal vibe, grab embroidered accent pillows and a lightweight textured coverlet in a light, bright color for under $100 to add a refreshing pop of color to an otherwise neutral space!

Now that you know our tips and tricks to welcome the new season, be sure to head to your local HomeGoods to discover news finds for your Spring spruce ups! We can’t wait to see your #HomeGoodsFinds.

Beth Diana Smith is a HomeGoods Style Expert and renowned interior designer and owner of Beth Diana Smith Interior Designs based in New Jersey. Her work has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, The Cut, MyDomaine, Better Homes & Gardens and more.
Jenny Reimold is a HomeGoods Style Expert and Interior Stylist whose work has been featured on HGTV, Southern Living, Good Morning America, and Parents Magazine. As a mother of seven children, Jenny focuses on functional, family-friendly design. She looks to HomeGoods as her go-to resource and inspiration for high-quality, affordable, and unique pieces for decorating to celebrating.


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