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Tips to Create a Sweet Treats Display for Valentine’s Day

January 28, 2021
by Michael

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Valentine’s Day always seems to sneak up on me. That’s why this year I’ve planned ahead and created two unique, colorful, and tasty displays of sweet treats to celebrate this love-filled day.

I’m so thrilled to be able to share what I created and give you a few tips for setting up something similar. Don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry! These ideas and tips can be used to create a visually-beautiful food display for virtually any holiday or celebration.

Without further ado, here’s a look at my Valentine’s Day Sweet Treats display!

Pretty festive and totally tasty, right? I’m loving it. (And don’t worry I have a creative option for those of you that don’t want to dedicate an entire bar cart to a Valentine’s Day sweets display.)

Now that you’ve seen what I’ve created, let me break it down for you and share some tips for creating a similar look in your own space.

Stick with a Color Scheme:

When I’m shopping for a display like this, I usually like to consider some sort of theme or color story. In this case, it was fairly simple as Valentine’s Day was my theme and I stuck to the traditional Valentine’s Day colors of red, pink, and white.

I like this idea because it not only helps to limit your scope when you are shopping (you can ignore anything that doesn’t fit your theme), but it also helps to create a cohesive look in the finished project.

Use White Serveware:

If you looked through my kitchen cabinets, you’d see that I have almost all white serving dishes with a few exceptions. Why? Well, white serveware is pretty universal, you can use it all year long, and it matches any holiday or occasion. Plus, I think that food looks best on white dishes. A simple white plate will let the food stand out.

As you’ll see here, I used a variety of white serving pieces including cakestands for cupcakes, bowls for candy, and a couple of pitchers for flower displays.

Incorporate Creative Decorations:

In this type of display, you don’t need a lot of decorative items because your sweet treats act as the decorations. However, I still like to include a few fun pieces.

One of my favorite HomeGoods finds were these “conversation heart” napkins. They are a bit cheeky, but totally fun. They fit my theme perfectly and can also be functional should someone need a napkin.

I also found a set of heart-shaped cookie cutters in the baking section at HomeGoods. I thought these would be perfect for adding a fun, decorative touch. (And of course, in addition to using them in my décor, I can use them for my cookie baking.)

Small Space Treat Displays:

I realized that many of you may not have the luxury of dedicating an entire bar cart to a sweet treat display for Valentine’s Day. Have no fear because you can recreate this look on any scale. Let me show you how I did it.

For this charcuterie-inspired display, I started with a large, round, wooden board. From there, I just filled it up with all of my sweet treats. As you can see, I put some of the treats in bowls and dishes, and others I set directly onto the board.

I also included a few decorations. I used a small vase of flowers in my color scheme for a little height as well as one of my cookie cutter decorations.

One other fabulous HomeGoods find was this “Let’s Stay Home” neon light. I love incorporating something unexpected and a bit quirky into my displays and this was the perfect finishing touch.

Final Thoughts:

And with that, I hope you’re feeling confident and excited about creating a festive and fun Sweet Treats Display for Valentine’s Day.

It’s a clever, delicious, and creative way to celebrate the holiday at home. You’ve got this!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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