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5 Valentine Gift Basket Ideas for Everyone

January 20, 2021
by Courtney


It is hard to believe that Valentine’s day is just around the corner. That day full of love and chocolate hearts wrapped in foil  and otherwise known as ‘Sweethearts Day’-  is full of all things sweet.

And while you might usually think of just your sweetheart when it comes to gifts- there are so many other folks you can bring a little joy to with something sweet for Valentines as well. And it doesn’t have to be all about just foil wrapped chocolate hearts- though those are good to add in too.

Today I am sharing  a few gift baskets and gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that are perfect for giving to your favorite chef, new pet parent, teacher, tea lover and sweets lover- and the possibilities for creating these specialty gifts are endless. 

For the Chef

Perfect for that aspiring chef friend who binge watches those cooking shows and loves to cook a delicious dinner for guests- this gift basket is full of a delicious meal just waiting to happen.

I shopped the gourmet food aisles for specialty pastas, sauces and oils – and then grabbed a large serving bowl to place them in. Think about including various things like wooden spoons, an apron and mini serving bowls for things like grated cheeses- along with specialty olive spreads and balsamic oils for fresh breads and a cookbook.


For the New Pet Parent

This was such a fun gift basket to put together- all about the pet parents in your life and some sweet treats for the new family member.

Whether it is a new kitten or a new puppy- creating a gift basket for those furry friends is so easy. This ‘basket’ started with something that wasn’t a basket at all- a pet bed. Puppies and kittens will love a new bed to snuggle in- and this one comes with treats tucked inside. Dog bones, little training nibbles & a couple of squeaky toys to play with.

For the parents- a pet themed candle and coffee mug for fueling the mornings after those new pet sleepless nights. Depending on what type of fur baby it is- include a box of potty pads, a book on pet training and a collar and leash and even a cute sweater & matching  shirt for the new parent.

For the Tea Lover

A basket full of ‘zen’. From English tea to matcha tea to a few treats- this one is sure to make those tea lovers on your list happy.

This basket has several types of tea, organic clover honey, fig jam for toast, honey spoons for stirring, biscuits and treats to nibble on- and even a teapot and teacup to create a perfect cup of tea for sipping.

For a Favorite Teacher

This one is simple and sweet- a teacher mug full of treats to nibble on while working – and some fun pom-pom pens with ‘Valentine’s’ messages.

For the Sweets Lover

From caramel and chocolate covered popcorn to specialty cookies and decadent chocolates- this basket is chock full of treats for that friend who has a sweet tooth and who loves chocolate everything.

Think rolled up chocolate wafers, yogurt covered pretzels, chocolate covered nuts and berries, melt away cookies and macaroons- and of course a bag full of foil wrapped chocolate hearts.

I also love adding in some hot cocoa mixes along with some delicious biscotti and wafer cookies.

Creating custom gift baskets for all those sweets on your Valentines Day list is easy by shopping HomeGoods and putting something fun together. 

Happy gifting all! 

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