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Multi-Purpose Space for the Entire Family

January 13, 2021
by HG Guest

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Let’s face it, this past year we’ve been spending A LOT of time at home!  We’ve had to adapt to new ways of working, studying, and even communicating. I’m here to share how I created a multi-purpose space for the entire family at home with one central piece and accessories from HomeGoods.

Every Age, Every Stage, Anytime

The home office has never seen so much activity. I purchased this piece from HomeGoods and fell in love with it the second I saw it. It had such a multi-purpose use with a simple, stylish and rustic design. From the fold out top to the additional shelf below…It was built to handle any tough task.  What started as an accent piece in the guest room quickly became the centerpiece of the office space!


If a serene place is what you need to start your day grab your cup of coffee or tea, magazine and this comfortable chair. A tall lamp casts ample light for early morning and late night down time. Consider keeping baskets nearby to contain items like yoga mats, workout gear, cozy blankets, books and magazines.

Store and organize important papers, receipts, and supplies in boxes and store on a nearby bookcase or lower shelf.  Add picture frames, scented candles, a calendar, bright happy art, and fresh or faux plants. I chose a monochromatic palette of blues and creams to give this family space a chic, sophisticated, serene look.


Creatives need their space! To meet the need of more square footage, I folded out the table top and created one large surface to spread out on and still have study and craft essentials close at hand. I purchased a fuzzy faux fir stool that can be easily brought up to the work area and neatly tucked away when not in use. A chic marble and brass light casts just the right amount of brightness for the night owl student.

The home office section at HomeGoods provides a colorful selection of school supplies. I picked up a wooden carousel, spiral notebooks, a calendar, and journals with inspirational quotes and bright colors. I headed to the gourmet aisle and grabbed a few snacks like gum balls, popcorn, and gummy bears for late night study sessions.


Balance work and play with man’s best friend by your side. This large furry dog painting was all the inspiration I needed! Give your little one a sturdy chair, industrial desk lamp, and ample space for constructing the next big creation. HomeGoods definitely loves pets! It’s easy to spoil your furry friend. The Pet Shop aisle is filled with cozy beds, toys, food containers, leashes, treats and so much more.

The bottom shelf comes in handy to hold large baskets. Baskets are ideal for storing sporting goods, toys, games, coloring books and school supplies. Tuck neatly on the shelf below or bring back into the bedroom when it’s time to clean up.  Add colorful art, canisters for toys and snacks and use inspirational mugs as containers for school and art supplies.


Don’t we all need a private place to plug in, to make and take phone calls, answer emails or read an article? Kick off your shoes and sit comfortably and plan your next big adventure!  With this upholstered seat and wood stool there’s plenty of room for visitors or extra gear. On the bottom shelf lidded boxes store important papers, phone chargers and even golf balls. Always nearby is a handy mug for morning coffee or a copper mug for that anticipated happy hour. When you turn on this handmade ceramic lamp you can unwind in this warm inviting space.

Creating a multi-purpose space for the entire family is easy and rewarding. We’ve all had to adjust to working from home, attending online classes, and virtual meetings so being comfortable and having a functional space is essential. The transition into the new phase of work, school, and play is made easy by shopping at HomeGoods!


Amie Freling-Brown is a home decor blogger at Meme Hill.  She is a NY-based designer and artist who transforms ho-hum spaces into works of art. Her creative designs can be found in many fine homes, restaurants and businesses. Her work has been featured in national magazines and on HGTV. See Amie “paint the town” on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.
All photos by Kristen Leitten

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