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Creating a Cozy, Warm Home This Season

December 26, 2020
by Courtney

Furniture and Home Accents

When the weather and seasons start changing and we spend more time indoors- creating a warm and welcoming place to relax is key. 

This year, we are also spending more time working, teaching and learning at home. And that means Home means creating a place that feels like a sanctuary and inspires and nurtures us.

Rooms are doing double duty – and it is a perfect time to start using pieces in décor that do double duty. Things that are pretty but that also serve as storage, a table that can be an extra bench if needed and even shopping one room for something that can be used in a different way is somewhere else are key. 

And today I am sharing a few of the things I used in my own home to add a bit of charm in a creative way.


Pull up a stool

I am a big fan of tiny stools and wood stumps in design. I have a pair of these charming wood stools that I love using for side tables indoors and out. And, they are quite sturdy which also makes them perfect for using as extra seating in a pinch. 

Stacks of baskets

Another favorite way to add texture and charm while adding storage is to bring in some baskets. These two baskets for their soft muted almost vintage color and also because they add a place to put extra things like blanket while looking pretty.


Reflect light with a Mirror 

This mirror with all that French style charm had me at hello while shopping at HomeGoods. I wasn’t sure just where it would land but I have learned if something speaks to you- you will find a place for it. 

In this room, the place that was perfect was right here leaning up against this large antique mirror. I love mirrors because they reflect light and enlarge your room while looking pretty- and layered mirrors also add architectural interest as well. 


Wood cutting board 

I have stacks of different sizes, shapes, ages and styles of breadboards in the kitchen. The kitchen aisle is always one of my favorite stops while shopping- seems I can’t resist a good find. 

Though I use them in the kitchen all the time- I was inspired to bring one of them into the bathroom and use it across the tub as a tray for holding a few pretty things.

Tip: The key to using a breadboard here is to find a long enough one to fit from one side to the other safely. You can angle it across the end of the tub – or use one of the extra long breadboards that they have for charcuterie platters in the center of a table. 

Jars & Bottles

Another favorite is to use everyday elements like jars & bottles that start out being used one way but can easily be repurposed for another use when they are done. 

I love to collect those pretty soap bottles to use in the bathroom- the size, color and label play a big part in why I bring them home.  When they are done being used for soap- I use them for flowers.

Large mason jars filled with things like potpourri or bowl fillers. A keen eye can find you a perfect size for using for a large bouquet. 

Fresh touches

For fresh touches- think of things like new throw pillows, jars of candles and seasonal elements like pumpkins or greens. Nubby pillows add the perfect bit of cozy warmth and texture- and are also large and plump enough to layer on the floor for extra seating for the kids. 

Look around to see what inspires you and how you can use things in a different way that fits your own unique style.

Happy decorating! 

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