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Kitchen-Inspired Christmas Decor and Gift Ideas

December 11, 2020
by Michael

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When it comes to Christmas, the one place in my home where I spend the most time would have to be my kitchen. Whether I’m whipping up another batch of Christmas cookies or entertaining friends and family, the kitchen is the place to be.

From the inspiration of the favorite place in my home during the holiday season, I’m sharing some unique Christmas decor ideas, holiday entertaining secrets, and even a few gift ideas. Whether you’re decking the halls, hosting friends, or in need of a few last-minute gifts, this post is for you.

Welcome to my Christmas Kitchen!

Create a Tiered-Tray:

Tiered trays are all the rage these days. I wanted one for my kitchen peninsula, but was struggling to find the perfect one. I decided to take matters into my own hands and created one using three different size cake stands that I found at HomeGoods. Stacked on top of one another, they are the perfect tiered tray for displaying all of my snacks and treats.

And speaking of treats, please don’t feel the need to make everything from scratch this holiday season. HomeGoods has an amazing selection of holiday cookies, chocolates, and snacks. In fact, almost everything (other than the gingerbread cookies) were from the gourmet section at HomeGoods. It’s a sweets buffet even Santa would approve of!

Cookie Cutter Decor:

I love decorating with cookie cutters. In fact, I love it so much that this year I added a mini tree to my kitchen and used cookie cutters as ornaments. As you can see, I used a mix of vintage and new. Every year I make it a point to buy a variety pack of cookie cutters from HomeGoods. Whether I’m using my cookie cutters for making cutout cookies or decorating, I always put them to good use.

This year, I even found these jumbo-sized ornaments. These make the perfect decor. As you can see, I scattered them around my kitchen. They stand on their own; and for an added sparkle and shine, I place a votive candle behind each one.

Hot Cocoa Station:

This tip is both functional and decorative. I always like to set up a little hot cocoa station in my kitchen. It doesn’t have to take up a lot of room, but I think it makes the cutest display. Plus, it allows for easy access when the hot chocolate mood strikes.

Here I used some big jars I found at HomeGoods. I filled one with my favorite hot cocoa mix and another with some mini marshmallows. Paired with some festive mugs and some peppermint sticks, it’s a gorgeous display and it invites visitors to sample a sip of hot chocolate.

 Decorative Gift Boxes:

Another thing I like to keep on hand in my kitchen is these decorative gift boxes. I find the best selection at HomeGoods. These are great to have on hand when you need to pack up a quick gift.

You can fill one with cookies and lottery tickets for the mailman or create a little hot cocoa kit for the neighbor that popped by unexpectedly. You could even wrap up one of those large cookie cutters with a spatula and a tea towel; it would be a perfect gift for the baker in your life.

The point is… when you have some decorative gift boxes on hand, you can quickly put together a little gift when you need one.

 A Parting Gift:

When I’m entertaining, I always like to have some things that my guests can take with them to remember their visit. This year I stocked up on Christmas crackers. They are so fun and I love the cute little gifts inside. If you’ve never popped one open before, I definitely recommend picking up a box. It could be a fun new family tradition.

I also picked up a couple packs of these sturdy cardboard cupcake liners. They are the perfect size for visitors to use when taking home two or three cookies. (When the holidays are over, the last thing I need around the house is leftover cookies.) I always encourage guests to take home a few cookies for later. It’s a sweet little send off!

And that’s a wrap on my ideas from the kitchen!

I hope you found this little tour of my Christmas kitchen both inspiring and helpful. It’s amazing what you can do with a little creativity. Don’t you think?

Wishing you and yours a very merry holiday!

Michael Wurm Jr. is a paid blogger and founder of the popular lifestyle blog, Inspired by Charm, where he shares his love for a decorated life. Whether it’s ideas for easy decorating, a delicious recipe, entertaining inspiration, or a unique DIY project, his goal is to provide tools and tips for everyone to live a happy, colorful life. You can also find Michael on InstagramPinterestFacebook, and Twitter.

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