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10 Decorating Tips for a Stand-Out Tree with Jenny Reimold

December 05, 2020
by HG Guest

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Style Expert, Jenny Reimold here to help you kick-off the holiday season in style! In our home, the holiday season truly begins when the Christmas tree is decorated. And what better place to look for decorations than at HomeGoods (which is always full of unexpected treasures)? This year, I was so successful, I styled three trees… yes three! Here are some of my signature tree decorating tips, tricks, and techniques so you can get after it and trim the tree!

1. Brainstorm a theme: Think about your favorite holiday aesthetic or wait to see what catches your eye while shopping in store, then explore decorations that tie the overall theme You know how my mind works – I was exploring my local HomeGoods and I couldn’t resist all the evergreen finds, which then inspired my wintry forest, “evergreen glam” look. I looked for pinecones, decorative reindeer made of wood branches, and natural elements to bring my vision to life. I also found metallic ornaments and mini white ceramic houses that light up for $10 – the possibilities are endless!

2. Top the tree first: I know what you’re thinking – who would top a tree first? That is just wrong, and I admit, it is unconventional, but it can help you determine the balance and proportion of ornaments that you’ll add.

3. Get creative with the topper: Who said you can’t use an alternative topper that ties into your tree’s theme? Check out these faux sprigs of frosted berries I used or prop your favorite holiday character atop for a fun and festive touch!

4. Work from the inside out: Set your foundation with lights and garland by alternating strands of each throughout. I like to mix and match the garland for added dimension. Then, I add in all my fun HomeGoods finds – the colorful plush balls, hand painted pinecones, ribbons, and faux fur pom poms.

5. Create an ornament out of ANYTHING: Do not limit yourself to traditional ornaments! HomeGoods has such a great selection of holiday accessories you can use on the tree to create a one-of-a-kind ornament! For example, I used electric mini decorative retro-inspired radios that were each under $20 at HomeGoods. There is nothing cookie cutter about my tree thanks to this special find, and the best part is they play Christmas carols too!

6. Use the ‘shove and stuff’ technique: Take your decorative accessory, like a vintage resin reindeer or plush stuffed animal, separate the branches, and place the item(s) angled towards the tree. Each accessory should be facing out and then secured with a hook or wire.

7. Vary ornament options: Layout an arsenal of ornaments in varied sizes to complete the tree. You can find such a wide variety of unique ornaments (of all sizes) at HomeGoods – the ornaments have amazing finishes like mercury glass, hand painted enamel or glitter filled bulbs and the prices are great too! Don’t forget to stuff smaller ornaments toward the inside of the tree, then place large, round ornaments along the outside.

8. Bring in branches: A fool-proof finishing touch is to stick faux individual sprigs of branches like frosted berries, holly leaves or white flocked and glittery pinecones in with the natural branches to fill in holes and to create an even fuller look. They require no wire or hooks, so are an easy way to finalize the tree and make it picture perfect.

9. Skip the skirt: Blankets or throws can also serve as a tree skirt and you can easily find one for a great price at HomeGoods. They have so many different options – whether it’s faux fur, cable knit or even cashmere that works for your tree. Style the blanket(s) around the base of the tree and secure the ends with clothes pins. Another trendy base is a tree collar which you can make by re-purposing a woven basket.

10. Repurpose gift boxes: Use decorative gift boxes as décor under the tree, to line your staircase or place around the fireplace. HomeGoods has a vast selection of holiday wrapping paper, decorative boxes, ribbons and bows that’ll get anyone excited for the holidays!

If you’re looking for Christmas tree decorating inspiration, then head to your local HomeGoods today for incredible holiday pieces, and prices! Then, show us your HomeGoods Finds! I can’t wait for you to give these tips a try!

Jenny Reimold is a HomeGoods Style Expert and Interior Stylist whose work has been featured on HGTV, Southern Living, Good Morning America, and Parents Magazine. As a mother of seven children, Jenny focuses on functional, family-friendly design. She looks to HomeGoods as her go-to resource and inspiration for high-quality, affordable, and unique pieces for decorating to celebrating.

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