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Bring the Good Vibes Home with Amanda Amato-Scotto

September 25, 2020
by HG Guest

Furniture and Home Accents

Hi there! Interior designer and Feng Shui Consultant, Amanda Amato-Scotto here! After so much time spent at home these past few months, some of the allure that our favorite rooms once held is starting to dwindle

So, I did what I always do for when my home décor needs a boost and headed to HomeGoods. Anyone else?! I love how HomeGoods has unique pieces for less – making it easy to add a touch of feng shui to any home.

Take a peek at how I styled the spaces below using the principles of feng shui to bring optimal happiness and productivity into my home and try it for yourself!

Living Room

1. Liven Up the Left Corner: The farthest left corner from the entrance in a room is known as the wealth corner and it’s important to infuse life into the corner rather than leave it empty. I focused on yellow, a color that represents good health, wellbeing and happiness, and brought in a faux lemon tree and show-stopping, comfy canvas swivel chair.

2. Maximize with Multifunctional Furniture: With the whole family spending more time at home learning, working and playing, it’s important to incorporate pieces that serve more than one function. My go to multifunctional furniture tip: find a coffee table with drawers – a stylish way to store supplies and toys. I found this beautiful wooden coffee table with unique cane storage detailing at HomeGoods and I simply couldn’t leave it behind.


3. The Perfect Pair: To promote positive relationships or attract love into your life, incorporate pairs of items to strengthen connections in your bedroom. Pairs can be identical (like the mineral blue wooden stools, which were just $49.99 each, at the foot of the bed) or not (like the hand-carved wooden, square-shaped and round bedside tables). Varying shapes help the flow of energy through a space promoting an overall sense of peace and tranquility.

4. Create Cozy Corners: Liven up empty corners, which would otherwise be stagnant energy, by creating a functional and cozy corner to read or relax. Pair a standing lamp for light, to illuminate opportunities and growth, with a comfortable chair. I found this mid-century modern floor lamp at HomeGoods and knew it would be the perfect size for small spaces and very trendy!


5. Make Room for Metallics: In feng shui, the metal element signifies and ignites creativity. Whether it be through furniture (the gold metal and mirrored standing shelf) or wall décor (three-dimensional gold, metal starbursts), I always incorporate metal into a workspace.

6. Bring on the Bright: Shades of red and orange represent the Fire Element which evokes high-energy and passion. Add this color to your home office to “spark” your inner passion for your work and projects. Accessories (like this orange decorative enamel box) are an easy and affordable way to transform a space.

Amanda Amato-Scotto is an interior designer, Feng Shui Consultant and Design Psychology Expert. Her unique design technique combines intentionality, functionality, and your personality to create an environment that elevates your living space and headspace. Her designs have been featured in HGTV, Forbes, Apartment Therapy, MyDomaine and more.

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