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Creating a Kid’s Workspace at Home

September 23, 2020
by Jessica

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Never in a million years did I think that my son would be “home schooled.” Remote learning is now the current norm and with that means adapting to new ways of living and working all while maintaining some sense of balance within a household.

Our family is unique where we have multiple generations living under one roof and setting up a “school” space in the living room, kitchen or even the basement was not an option due to the amount of traffic and disruptions that occur with so many people under one roof.

My son started 8th grade this year and is easily distracted so I decided to remove everything from his bedroom except the bed and bureau to make space for a desk.

The ability to close the door and tune out the distractions in the house was key.

The desk from Homesense could not have been more perfect for the small wall in my son’s bedroom. It was “not girly looking,” which was my sons number one request when I told him we were setting up a remote learning space in his bedroom.

The desk had just enough closed storage for necessary school supplies and a desktop space to fit his computer.

One of the biggest issues we have with remote learning is organization and logging onto the zoom calls at the start time. It sounds simple but for an 8th grader who has the freedom to get up and use the bathroom, get food and for lack of a better word, “get sidetracked,” logging on the zoom calls at the start time is not always that simple.

I work from home and have my own set of tasks that need to be completed and I often times find myself forgetting when his zoom calls are. The dry erase calendar is helpful to mark down when zoom calls start and important reminders.

We also find setting our alarm clock on our phones at the start of the day with all the video call times helpful.

All of the storage containers, calendar, pin board, desk light and clock from HomeGoods were perfect to create multiple organizational spaces in and around the desk.

I couldn’t find a desk chair with wheels so I picked up this super comfy straight back dining chair from HomeGoods that coordinated perfectly with the desk. My son has a tendency to slouch (me too!) so the pillow is perfect to keep his body upright.

I also found this really neat lap desk that is perfect for a mobile workspace. It folds open with a space to keep your tablet or laptop upright which is perfect if you are sitting on a couch or bed.

I told my son if he doesn’t use this space, I will be snagging it for myself!

Jessica is a paid HomeGoods blogger. You can find out more about her multigenerational family living under one roof, her DIY Home Renovations and projects at Four Generations One Roof.

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