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Work From Home: Create Your Personal Office Space

August 26, 2020
by Amy

Furniture and Home Accents

Is your family spending time working from home lately? Well, I have a few ideas for creating individual office spaces for each of your family members!

Sometimes space can be a minimum, but everyone needs their own! I suggest taking a look at those small areas that may not be used now, and turn them into a personalized work area.

In a bedroom for example, try using a desk on one side of the bed, instead of two nightstands.  Add in an office chair, a table lamp and some organizational accessories, and you’ll have the perfect little study/office space.

Sneak in a small scale desk alongside a dresser, if that is where you have a little extra space.  Choose a lighter colored desk, and even a clear office chair to reduce the visual impact on the space too.  A simple wall shelf above the desk will keep those office supplies within reach.

Do you have a little extra space in or around  the kitchen?  It’s another opportunity to add in a work space.  This is a good place for an adult work center or office, since it’s near the hub of the home.  Chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time here, so add in some comfort.  Choosing a comfortable office chair is key! Adding an area rug under the desk can help define your work area, and it will help keep your toes warm too! I also like to add in a foot pillow to improve ergonomics.  

In each of these spaces, don’t forget to add some art work that reflects each family member’s personal style! An erasable wall calendar is another perfect accessory for keeping track of all your tasks and assignments.  You can find some really great, unique and affordable options at HomeGoods! Your adventure awaits!

A view of the office off the kitchen

Amy is a paid blogger for HomeGoods.  You can see more of her work on instagram @crazychicdesign, where she shares daily decorating, gardening and lifestyle tips! 

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