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Summer Ready Backyard

March 09, 2020
by Lizbeth

Furniture and Home Accents

Summer is here and that means it’s time to clean and decorate the patio! In California, it always rains throughout Fall/Winter but this year it didn’t. There was a bit of rain here and there which gave me the opportunity to start decorating the backyard a bit earlier than I usually do.

When I go shopping for a new project, I always try and keep an open mind. I don’t ever try and go for one certain style. I like to go to HomeGoods before I get the project started to explore and check out what’s new. I can also expand my creativity and know I’ll always find inspiration anywhere I look! If I find something I like, I make sure to grab it and start my designs from there.

One of the main things that inspired me with this project was this white egg shaped swing chair. When I saw it, I immediately started thinking about what I could do with it and the ideas started pouring in.

When it comes to refreshing my backyard, I like to rearrange the furniture I already have to give it new look. I also like to switch out the rug which instantly changes everything. This year I opted for a black rug because I have my grandkids over a lot during the summer and my rugs always seem to get dirty pretty quickly. With a dark colored rug I don’t have to worry about that!

Accesories are always one of the most important things when it comes to refreshing your patio. Always keep in mind that your outdoor area has to be an extension of your home. Don’t think that just because it’s a backyard, you can’t accessorize or decorate it like you would inside. Making it pretty and the way you like will definitely help you enjoy the summers more and you’ll feel like you’re on a nice, relaxing vacation!

Don’t ever forget the little details! Plants are super important when it comes to decor if you ask me. Planters in different heights will give your patio a fun look. These planters I was able to find at HomeGoods and the prices were the best part! Seriously, nothing beats the prices on all the amazing things you can find at HomeGoods.

My backyard isn’t the biggest but I figured out how to make a couple different seating areas. Kind of like a living room and a small sitting area for extra seating. It can be used for reading on a nice summer day or even having your cup of coffee in the morning.

These tall white stands were such a great find. I never knew they made tikis like this to repel mosquitoes! I never really liked the typical mosquito repellents and when I saw these at HomeGoods I knew I had to have them. The style and look of them is fun and they go great with the rest of the decor. I know I say this a lot, but I am seriously amazed at all the different things you can find at HomeGoods.

My home is officially ready for summer and I hope that it has given you some inspiration to start your backyard project as well! Don’t forget to go finding at your local HomeGoods and find everything you need for all your home projects at incredible prices. I’ll see you guys next time!