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Simple Ideas for a Cozy Date Night

December 09, 2019
by Courtney

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Cozy evenings by the fire are always fun.

I am a big homebody. The last thing I want to do is get dressed up and go out into the cold weather for dinner for date night.  But a cozy date night by the fire where I can wear my comfy clothes and relax- I am all for it.

This month, while at HomeGoods, I decided to pick up a few things for creating an impromptu date night at home. The first thing I thought of were the words or elements I was looking for – which was all about cozy. I hopped in the car and headed to my local HomeGoods – and picked everything except fresh cheeses to make a delicious cheese board and artisan pasta dinner for date night.

 One my favorite aisles at HomeGoods- the gourmet aisles. I always pick up their jams and honeys and a few favorite nibbles while I am there. This time, I grabbed an artisan pasta, truffle oil for sautéing  & marinara sauce to pour over the top for dinner- and then moved on over to the crackers and sweets sections.

 Of course this time of year- the sweets are on repeat for the holidays- and the coffee liqueur bon bons were most definitely speaking to me.  I also picked up a few chocolate covered pretzels and rich dark chocolate truffles and a  few varieties of crackers and nuts like cashews and walnuts.

The essential to any perfect cheese and sweets board- the board of course. I loved this chunky cutting board I found. It sat just a bit higher on the legs and made the nibbles feel even more important.

 A few wine glasses, a cozy knit throw to wrap up in and a couple blush velvet throw pillows and candles of course-  and I was ready to set up by the fire.

Creating a perfect cheese board is so easy- and it is something that is always a hit whether just two or 20 guests are in the house. The key is to fill it with a variety of each element. Several types of crackers, several different kinds of cheese, nuts and fruit and a variety of sweet nibbles.  I used the truffles, coffee bon bons and a hazelnut chocolate bar (all from HomeGoods) to break up the rich and salty treats.

Add a few candles for a bit more ambiance and your favorite seasonal playlist on your sound system and all together will create  a cozy evening at home.

What is your favorite cheese board tip?

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