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5 Ideas for Simple & Natural Neutral Autumn Decor

September 17, 2019
by Courtney

Furniture and Home Accents

When it comes to autumn decor- I am all about soft, simple and natural. Though I do incorporate some of those bold and beautiful rich autumn colors – my go to favorites involve colors and textures like you would find in nature.

The softness of wheat- with those golden colors and beautiful details is often the starting point when styling a space. Add in those delicious white and heirloom pumpkins, and warm metal tones and it is perfection.

Today I am sharing a few things I picked up at HomeGoods for styling the ‘barn’ on our property for autumn this year- and tips on how to get a simple, natural autumn look in your own home.

#1. Nature as a starting point

For a lovely simple charm- you can’t go wrong with wheat. In a wreath, a sheaf, a bundle of loose wheat simply in a bucket- wheat has a warm tone and lovely texture that adds to a room without overwhelming it.

I picked up a simple wheat wreath and pair of wheat sheafs at HomeGoods. I loved the they were easy to dress up just a bit- the sheafs came with a charming blue ribbon tied around them already- and I added a soft muted gold to the wreath on the door.

#2. Texture on repeat

Another texture- another element. Grapevine pumpkins. If you are looking for autumn decor that can transition easily into Thanksgiving decor- and also that you can find before all those pumpkins hit the stores- grapevine pumpkins are perfect. They have several sizes at HomeGoods that were easy to mix and mingle. Use them as an accent near a fireplace, sideboard or even on your porch. And you can also use them marching down the center of the table as a centerpiece.


#3. Warm Colors

This throw in the warmest golden yellow and white is a great way to add a softer look without going too bold with oranges and rich reds for the season. I also picked up that golden velvet pillow that is a perfect muted warm gold and that would be at home on the sofa as well.

#4. Mixed Metals

One of my favorite metals to incorporate for autumn is copper. It has such a charming warmth and adds a rich elegant touch. These candles come in a variety of scents- and being in full copper containers- they also do double duty and  look good even when you are not burning them.

#5. Pumpkins

Pumpkins come in so many different colors, sizes and styles. I tend to load up on white and heirloom pumpkins for indoors and go a little more seasonal bold and beautiful orange for porches.


When it comes to simple, natural, neutral and Beautiful autumn decorations- just start with a color, texture or tone that speaks to you and add in elements and finishes to build around it. Before you know it- you will have a welcoming and inviting autumn porch,  room or table styling that is perfect for you.

Happy autumn decorating everyone!

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