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Decorating A Dream College Dorm Room

August 16, 2019
by HG Guest

Furniture and Home Accents

Going back to school can be an exciting and anxious time of year. The start of the school year brings the promise of a fresh start with new friends, new classes, new responsibilities and a new living space! I am so excited to share with you how we transformed my daughter Chloe’s dorm room at Ithaca College from institutional drab to freshman fab. Come on in!

Dorm room decor has come a long way since I was in college. I had a few milk crates for storage and hung up a tapestry and called it a day.  As soon as we saw the shelves in HomeGoods filling up with gorgeous back-to- school decor we’ve been snatching up all our favorites.

Finding Your Look

Chloe and her roommate Sophie decided on a gray, white, & gold theme with pops of blush and turquoise for accents. Our first purchase were these super plush gray and white ombre comforter sets. Next was the accent pillow aisle where we filled up an entire cart with pillows in various textures and sizes. For more softness, we finished the beds off with faux fur throw blankets. It doesn’t get cozier than this!


We all know that teen girls have a lot of clothes. To make room for their new night stand we moved the dressers into the closet and added storage bins, shoe organizers, jewelry boxes, and hooks to keep it all contained and organized. We covered the closet with removable wallpaper and added a simple spring rod and grommet panels keep all the clutter concealed.

To the left of Chloe’s desk a rolling cart serves as a coffee station. We packed the drawers with snacks, toiletries, and hair and makeup products.  We added gold desk accessories and a pivoting lamp with a USB charging port. Just above on the shelf we stocked canisters with coffee, tea pods and macaroons for late night study sessions.

The old and bulky desk chair was immediately replaced once Chloe sat in this gold and sherpa accent chair. This could be one of my favorite purchases ever from HomeGoods. It is so cozy, soft and comfortable. This chair will be around for a long time!

Baskets and bins hold all of Chloe’s bulky sweaters, travel gear, and extra towels and bedding. A pair of curtain sheers folded over and tucked under the mattress double as an extra long bedskirt. Two gray upholstered tufted storage ottomans tuck neatly under this reclaimed wood and gold sofa table turned double nightstand. These lightweight ottoman are easy to move around and add more seating for visitors.

Lighting, Rug & Wall Art

After painting the walls a soft gray (yes, we got approval to paint the walls!)  we strung a battery operated 10’ strand of twinkle fairly lights around the room that hold the girl’s pictures. Two tall white lamps with blush water color shades serve as bedside lamps.  Graphic wall art, bookends, wood initials, picture frames, and faux and real plants are the finishing touches. Did you know that HomeGoods sells regional geographical decor? We were ecstatic to find an end cap filled with Ithaca signs!

I have been drooling over these sun-washed carpets for a long time. When we saw this carpets hanging at HomeGoods I knew it was the final piece that would tie the whole room together. The pattern, colors, durability and ability to hide all the traffic plus the cost of just $199 for an 8’ by 10’ made this purchase a “no brainer!“

It took us just a two days to set up the room and now I feel good about leaving “my baby“ in a new city on her own and ready to start her college adventures. Her room is cozy, inviting and filled with all the necessities that remind her of home. Shopping for dorm decor has never been more fun! Can I go back to college?

Amie Freling Brown is a home decor blogger at Meme Hill.  She is a NY-based designer and artist who transforms ho-hum spaces into works of art. Her creative designs can be found in many fine homes, restaurants and businesses. Her work has been featured in national magazines and on HGTV. See Amie “paint the town” on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

All photos by KNYFIVE.



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