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7 essentials for a simple summer bathroom refresh

August 02, 2019
by Courtney

Furniture and Home Accents

I am all about simple summer refreshes… especially in the bathrooms and guest bedrooms when getting ready for summer guests.

I had a few ideas in mind of the look I wanted- and went to HomeGoods to find all the elements I needed. Today I am sharing a few tips and favorite finds for making your  bathroom feel luxurious for you and your guests.


#1. Soaps and Lotions

I have admitted to a slight obsession with pretty little soap bottles before- and the soap and lotion aisle is always one of my first stops at HomeGoods.  For the refresh- I picked up a couple of new bottles of soap to place by the sinks. A tip is to find one that has a charming label- and that also smells delicious.

I also added a new bottle of lotion for guests – summer heat can dry your skin and lotion is always appreciated for softening hands after washing.


#2. Shower & Bath Essentials

On that same thought- bring in some new shampoos, body washes & scrubs for guests.  Often times, guest forget to bring their own shampoos and washes- so I always like to find a few fresh ones to include.

#3. Bath salts 

Something I pick up at HomeGoods all the time- infused bath salts.  A soak in the tub is something that instantly relaxes and rejuvenates- and since not everyone has a tub in their home- guests will on occasion ask about taking a long hot soak while visiting. I also grabbed a new back scrubber brush and chunky European inspired soap.


#4.  A new stool

For sitting while getting dressed and just for looking cute- a small natural wood stool is perfect for tucking into the guest bathroom.

This is one that I found in the outdoor section at HomeGoods- and it is absolute perfection indoors as well.  I love the natural element the knot holes and charm it has adds. It is perfect for holding a small vase of fresh flowers, a vintage inspired candle (from HomeGoods) and magazines, books, etc.

#5. Fresh bathmats

Always an easy thing to replace and an instant update- a fresh bathmat by the tub &  in front of the sinks or shower will instantly make your bathroom feel refreshed. I chose a subtle shade this time- rather than my usual white and I love how that warm color and texture brings a whole new feeling to this space.

I also brought home this gray jute rug for using in front of the tub for a different look or when one is in the wash. I love how it makes the room feel completely different with just a quick change.

#6. A stack of fluffy towels 

Go big or go home when it comes to towels- the fluffier the better in my opinion.

I love the fresh feeling crisp white towels brings- and stacking them up on a table or gathered up in a basket for guests is a simple easy way to add a bit of spa charm and also make it easy for them to find what they need for a shower.


#7. Fresh Flowers- and a favorite vase

Because every room in the house is that much better with fresh flowers included. I filled a favorite vase from HomeGoods with peonies and placed it on the sink vanity- instant update.  And for long lasting blooms- try some of the faux floral single stems that they have at HomeGoods that you can create your own arrangement with.

The best part about updating this bathroom space was that it was all done with decadent feeling items from HomeGoods that didn’t have a decadent price tag- which means you can spoil your guests (or yourself) with a beautiful bathroom full of relaxing and rejuvenating essentials – without breaking the bank.


Happy summer decorating everyone!


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