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Organizing Kids Craft & Play Area

July 22, 2019
by Gloribell

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Summer vacation means lots of fun in and out of the house. During the last couple of months, we’ve loved spending time with the little ones either on the pool or creating amazing crafts. Also creating amazing castles with building blocks and playing princesses with dolls, the truth is that little messes here and there are always expected. But now that classes are about to start, I wanted to bring everything back to normal and get organized before those hectic school days commence. 

Color match your block:

Lets face it, sending the kids to pick up their stuff, is a challenge itself. But if you make it fun, then with some luck, they can jump into organizing. Building blocks were everywhere in our house, so I decided to create a little game called “Color match your block”. At HomeGoods I found some cute rectangular caddies with lids and I provided each kid with a set. The first one to fill in a space with the same color of blocks was going to get a surprise. Needless to say the blocks were all organized in a heartbeat.

New baskets:

Under these sitting area we try to store many of the kids’ most used toys and games. These were all previously placed inside some fabric cubes, but with time and constant use, they lost their shape. At HomeGoods I found some cute baskets in various shapes which I love for mixing-and-matching. 

Some of these baskets where made of a strong plastic material with a wood frame, while others were of natural fibers reinforced with metal. 

I love both styles, but the natural fiber one had handles that allowed the little ones to move around their content easily.

Kids camp-days art

At camp (and at home) kids get extremely creative! I would love to to have very long walls to display these master pieces properly. But In the meantime, I’ll pin these over a simple but very handy cork board I found at HomeGoods. Having a display area for my little ones art will make them feel proud about their work, but also allows me to replace these pieces constantly. 

Wall wired basket

Right under my little artists’ gallery, I placed a wired basket from HomeGoods as well. This area provides more storage but also can be used for placing craft materials.

Having everything organized and in a designated place brings me a peace of mind. I now can begin to get ready for all the back-to-school matters and focus more on enjoying the last days of summer vacation with the family. How are you getting organized and ready for the next season?

Gloribell Lebron is paid blogger. She’s an interior designer and stylist with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. View more of her work at Know How She Does It. (Find her on InstagramPinterestTwitter, and Facebook.)

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