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Stylish Ideas for a Small Office

July 15, 2019
by Michael

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You don’t need a big space to create style and function. Whether you’re heading off to college or putting together an at-home workspace for your next creative adventure, today I’d like to share a few stylish ideas for a small office.

This may be slightly weird to admit, but I have a mild obsession with office supplies. Pens, notebooks, clips, bullet boards, markers, tape, . . . I love and want them all. I remember shopping for school supplies was always one of my favorite things to do each year. I couldn’t wait to pick out my notebooks, pens, and backpack.

Visiting HomeGoods this time of year always brings up all of those good memories and feelings because their back-to-school section is so impressive. Even if you’re no longer in school, you’ll love the great organizing tools, beautiful office supplies, fun furnishings, and colorful accessories.

After I loaded up my cart with goodies, I went home to create an office area that functions well AND looks cute. Let me show you around and tell you about some of my ideas for creating a stylish workspace.

For my desk, I used an inexpensive table cart I had on hand. When creating your desk, think outside the box. A console table or sofa table can make a handy desk in a small space. You could even attach brackets to the wall and top them with a piece of wood for a low-budget, space-saving solution.

Because my desk space isn’t huge, I decided to get this modern navy, brass, and marble side table. It’s the perfect spot on which to plop down a plan and extra office supplies. Plus, it’s a beautiful and interesting piece.

I also picked up a new desk chair. I prefer one with wheels. This faux leather chair is sublime.

Stylish Ideas for a Small Office

When it came to accessorizing, I opted for things that inspired my work rather than sticking to any specific theme. I did stay with various shades of blues, greens, and pinks for continuity.

Even though I mention this in a lot of my posts here on the Design Happy blog, I think it’s worth saying again: Be sure to venture outside the specific Home Goods section you’re looking to find other creative solutions.

As you can see, a jewelry holder works for sorting office supplies like binder clips and sticky notes. To corral my pencils, I used a mug. Not only is it sturdy, but often mugs are clever or cute. For this desk space, I chose one with rainbows. I also picked up a wastebasket (from the bathroom section of HomeGoods) for added warmth and texture.

To complete my small office, I hung a bulletin board on the wall. I prefer a bulletin board for posting pages from magazines, paint and fabric samples, and other decor inspiration. However, HomeGoods has an array of options to suit your needs – whiteboards, calendars, and so on. I’m confident you’ll find something just right for your space.

Finally, because every room needs something quirky, I decided to add this little letter board. There were so many cute and interesting office accessories, but this particular one spoke to me. I love that I can change it up, depending on my mood, current work progress, or weekly goal.

And with that, my small office space is ready for me to tackle my life goals and entrepreneurial endeavors. I hope you picked up a few ideas and a little inspiration for creating your own unique workspace.


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