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Spring Pastels and Vintage for the patio

April 12, 2019
by Courtney

Outdoor Living

The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the outdoor patio areas are calling to me.

We are just a few days away from spring and that always makes me crave a few updates in the garden and patio areas.  And my favorite spot to find all kinds of garden and patio treasures is HomeGoods.

I went in looking for a few things to update the patio- as always there were  a few unexpected finds that landed in my cart. And today I am sharing  a few of my favorite things to use for a simple spring refresh.

#1. Natural touches

I think in any space- indoor or outdoor- a touch of nature brings warmth and interest. I have an old trees stump for a coffee table here and when I bumped into this incredible little teak wood stool- I knew it would be a perfect addition.

I love little stools and benches and this one spoke to me with that lovely patin and charming look. I also love that it can be used as a side table or extra seating as needed.


#2. Texture 

Texture is a big one for me. I am not a huge ‘pattern’ girl- but texture always wins when I am looking for anything like pillows or throws.  These blush and jute linen pillows are perfect on the sofa and on the patio and they are the perfect softness to add to the rustic charm of these weathered wood chairs.

I also grabbed this throw that has a lovely texture and tassels- and repeats the warm spring color and feeling.

#3.  Something Unique

It can be something that is a found treasure or something you have repurposed in a different way- but adding something unique will bring your style to your space even more.

I found this charming little faux bois ‘table’ that is not actually a table. It is a large vase that I turned upside down. I love the details it has and love that it brings that unexpected feeling to this outdoor living room.

#4. Ambiance

Ambiance is always top of my list for any space- and outdoors is just the same.   I picked up quite a few vintage style candle cups & led candles to bring a warm charm to the patio.

I love the flicker of soft candle light and the LED candles are wonderful for enjoying that flicker without the worry about safety.

#5. Simple potted plants

Though we have lots of plants in the garden and patio area- I do love potted plants as well.

I picked up a few neutral pots for boxwoods and lavenders to echo the pastel colors. You can also use colorful or patterned pottery to add a burst of color and interest in the same way.

#6. Something Old

This was the creme de la creme find at HomeGoods this trip. Something completely unexpected that went right into my cart. A vintage zinc bucket.

I love to use vintage in my decor everywhere and when I found this stacked up with the farmhouse and galvanized treasures in the garden section- I grabbed it immediately.  Something that you may not know is that HomeGoods does get vintage in from time to time and this is probably the 3rd or 4th vintage piece I have discovered while perusing the store recently.

So there you have a few favorite tips, what I look for and what I found for this patio refresh on this GoFinding trip at HomeGoods.  What are your favorite elements to use for outdoor living rooms? Do you tend to decorate in the same way outside as you do inside?

Happy shopping everyone!

Courtney is a paid blogger and writes the blog French Country Cottage where she shares lifestyle and design inspirations, DIY projects and the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage. Connect with Courtney on her blog, French Country Cottage.

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