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Creating Special Easter Moments with Children

March 27, 2019
by HG Guest

Seasonal Decor

At HomeGoods we love the creativity that comes from amazing finds. We turned to Jenny Reimold, a style expert, and Gloribell, of the knowhowshedoesit blog, for their tips on how to build an extraordinary Easter that will create special Easter moments.

Basket Options

Explore a variety of Easter baskets from bunny and chick motifs to galvanized aluminum and wicker baskets. Find a basket for all age groups, and extend the life of the basket past Easter! Dual purpose: spring time fun and storage.

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Fillers for the Baskets

Think outside the box and find something new for the inside of your basket. Try natural accents such as Spanish moss and wood excelsior to bring your basket to the next level! Add silk flowers for a delicate touch, and mix plastic, cardboard, and ceramic eggs for a unique detail and to fill in the gaps.

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Baskets for the Littlest Ones

Create a basket full of “cuteness” for your little ones with plush toys, picture books, and colorful candy that will make them smile ear to ear! Add silk flowers and a pop-up card to make their basket extra special!

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For the Tots

Personalize your child’s Easter basket with a special or memorable item that relates to the holiday and highlights your loved one’s taste. And of course – include lots of candies!

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An Easter Basket for Anyone

Eggs are synonymous with Easter so in addition to adding them as garnish to your Easter baskets, Jenny Reimold recommends using them to create memorable moments with your children! One of Jenny’s favorite Easter traditions is a not so typical Easter egg hunt where her children go on a hunt to find their Easter baskets by using decorative, fillable Easter eggs! It is a family tradition that all of her children look forward to every Easter morning.

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Mix classic and whimsical confections

An Easter basket would not be complete without sweet treats! Jellybeans and a chocolate bunny are timeless confections. Go finding for variety of unique treats, like pink and blue cotton candy or gum balls in a unicorn themed jar, all for under $5.

Styled by Jenny Reimold

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Think outside the basket

Get creative with your “basket” choice while browsing. In the kid’s department, a wooden baby doll stroller or pirate’s treasure chest are unique and sturdy, perfect for toddlers’ baskets. A trendy basket from the storage and organization aisle can be fun and functional for any pre-teen.

Styled by Jenny Reimold

Photo by Shannon LeBlanc

Find creativity in every aisle and create your own special Easter moments. Find a store near you.

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