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A Rustic Modern Easter Dining Room with wooden bunnies

March 02, 2021
by Jessica

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Spring is finally here and that means Easter is right around the corner.  We moved into our new house a year ago and I am finally getting around to setting up our dining room. I decided to create a rustic modern dining room with cute wooden bunnies.

Rustic Modern Easter Dining Room with wooden bunnies

I picked up these beautiful Italian inspired dishes and bowls along with the serving pieces at HomeGoods with the intent of creating a rustic tablescape.

The linen colored ruffled table runner adds a hint of farmhouse appeal. My house is the furthest thing from farmhouse but that doesn’t mean you cannot introduce elements of a particular style to your existing decor.

Do you know what the plate chargers are? They are scrolling artwork that hangs on a wall! I saw them at HomeGoods and immediately thought they would add great texture to my dining room table.

A layered table (just like a layered bed)  is pleasing to the eye.

I found bunny garland at HomeGoods and decided to cut the bunnies off and place them inside the bowls as favors.

The glassware is stunning!

I picked up a variety of gold geometric design glasses and they added a hint of sophistication to the table.

The buffet table is actually a media console that we picked up at HomeGoods and it coordinated perfectly with the dining room table. I prefer to mix and match when it comes to furniture. Furniture sets are nice but mixing and matching pieces allows creativity and the opportunity to create your own design.

The faux flower arrangement from HomeGoods is amazing! The quality is like no other and honestly, it would have cost me close to $100 to create the arrangement out of real flowers that would die in about a week. For just a small amount more, I now have a faux arrangement that will last for years.

The wooden speckled black eggs  coordinated perfectly with my Easter design.

My mom went shopping with me at HomeGoods and she picked out the bunnies. I told her we were going after a rustic theme so pick out the cutest wooden bunnies you can find. I think she chose some winners!

The buffet table runner is actually a 4×6 cotton rug from HomeGoods.  The fringe on the rug softened the wood top and added an unexpected design element.

The rest of the rug is draped behind the console in case you are wondering.

Happy Spring literally jumped off the shelf and right into my cart. I think it’s adorable and fits perfectly where the media components would normally be stored.

The modern canvas artwork is also from HomeGoods and added a very simple and clean appeal to the space.

The little bunny pillow and bunny doll from HomeGoods were two of my favorite finds.

I have to admit, I am loving our rustic modern Easter dining room and buffet. I think the media console / buffet is going to come in very handy for dishes filled with food or a beverage station during Holidays.

Jessica is a paid blogger. You can find more about her multigenerational family and DIY interior design projects at Four Generations One Roof.

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