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Decor tips and tricks before you shop!

February 05, 2019
by HG Insider

Furniture and Home Accents

If you’ve been thinking about a decor refresh, you’re in luck! The selection and breadth of home decor options has never been more exciting! From traditional to farmhouse to mid-century modern and every style variation in-between, the options are endless. Exciting, yes. Overwhelming, maybe. With so many options, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start and what to pick.

So we turned to style expert Carter Thompson for a few quick tips and tricks designers use when selecting essential pieces. Browse and find with confidence!

Build the room for conversation

Create a focal point, such as a sofa, then create groupings. To achieve the right balance, Carter sits in each chair in the room and imagines having a conversation with someone seated in any part of the room.

Focus on consistent seating heights and functionality. Every seat should have a table (or a shelf, sill, or surface) within arm’s reach.

Make your storage stylish

When choosing large-scale pieces they should be not only stylish, but functional. For Carter cabinets are great for hiding a multitude of secrets (whether it’s dog toys, kid’s toys, or a web of electronics), but they also provide space for the small decorative accessories that bring a room to life.

Use rugs to anchor your color story

Tie your furniture into your rug, instead of finding a rug that ties into your furniture.  Even as a stylist, Carter admitted that he spent a whole year with his living room rug before noticing an interesting olive green color he wanted to bring out with new pillows and fresh curtains. He said it was “Nothing a quick trip to HomeGoods couldn’t fix!”

Do the math

Doesn’t matter if you’re good at math or not, Carter suggests pulling out your calculator as soon as you hit the rug department. To fill a room, subtract 3 feet from the rooms width and length giving you a clean border. If that doesn’t work, try leaving at least one foot between the rug and wall to create the illusion of a larger space.

Silk is luxurious, wool is durable, and polyester is practical

If you have high traffic areas, with kids, or pets, don’t be afraid of using outdoor rugs inside. (A lot of Carter’s clients use them in dining rooms!)

Outdoor rugs come in many bold and classic styles and can handle everything from rain boots to red wine.

A room should have 3 light sources

With these three light sources, you can create a triangle of light to illuminate the room evenly. The lamp heights should be varied, which will instantly create visual interest.

For larger rooms, Carter suggests placing a lamp every 10 feet.

Switch things up

There are three types of lighting: ambient, accent, and task.

Ambient light gives you a general wash of illumination, accent lighting highlights your room’s focal points, and task lighting gives you a bright and localized light which is ideal for performing various tasks.

How, you may ask, do you choose the right type of light? Carter recommends combining a mix of ambient, accent, and task lamps to give yourself all the tools you need to take your room from workroom to meditation space at the flick of a switch.

Tell the story with art

Think of artwork as a way to put a mood on display. For instance, how do you feel when you look at an abstract seascape? Use a gallery wall to capture more than one story at once. HomeGoods has an expansive wall art department to find your perfect piece.

The rule of 3/4

Most designers would say art should be hung at eye level, but that doesn’t always look right, especially in rooms where ceilings are oppressively low or impressively high. I prefer to think of it as being hung 3/4 of the up the wall. Art hung over tables, sofas or mantels should not take up more than 3/4 of the available width. If you are creating a gallery wall, leave the width 3 or 4 fingers between each piece.

Whether you’re looking for a mini-makeover or a major remodel, bring your imagination – and your tape measure – to HomeGoods and find the decor, the brands and the prices to bring it life.

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