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5 Small Bathroom Cabinet Storage Tips

January 25, 2019
by Jessica

Bed and Bath Organization and Cleaning

A bathroom cabinet can quickly become a catch-all for random items and before you know it, stuff is piled up on top of each other and you can’t find anything!

Today I am going to share 5 small bathroom cabinet storage tips that anyone can implement in just a couple hours.

Here is my cabinet space before I emptied it and created an organized space.

What a mess!

Lets face it, the inside of a bathroom vanity cabinet isn’t very pretty. The plumbing pipes typically are right in the middle and block any sort of shelving unit.

One of the biggest problems when organizing a bathroom cabinet is lack of space.

BUT what if there was a way to use the wasted height space?

Tip #1: Empty the cabinet and line with pretty drawer liner. I took it a step further and lined the walls too! I think it’s super cute and the liner is scented so that’s a bonus. I used clear masking tape on the seams.

I cut the pieces to fit and used a stanley knife to cut the paper along the edges.

Tip #2: Install slim lined shelving. In an effort to create additional storage space, I installed 2 shelves that I found at HomeGoods and I couldn’t believe how much additional space I gained! I decide to use black shelving in order to disguise the black plumbing pipe.

Tip #3: Gather storage containers.

I picked up a variety of clear acrylic storage containers from HomeGoods for my nail polish items, lipsticks, hair and lotion products, vitamins ect. I decided to use clear containers so I could always see what I had and the pretty liner offers a nice contrast.

Tip #4: Place items you do not use often towards the back or under the shelving unit. If you have the space, remove all items that are not used daily. I have a linen closet that now serves as storage for less frequently used items which gave me more space in the bathroom cabinet for everyday items.

Tip #5: Keep like items together. For example, my hair products are together as well as my nail polish. Think of each container as a “themed container.” I used a brush container to hold my hair wand which fit perfectly.

All Storage containers, shelving and liner are from HomeGoods.

The start of a new year is a great time to clean out the clutter and start fresh. Bathroom vanity cabinets are not exactly pretty but with a little extra time and effort, you can create a functional space with a little extra pizzaz! Honestly, this cute little cabinet inspired me to clean out other drawers and spaces in my home and that’s a good thing!

Jessica is a paid HomeGoods blogger.  You can find more of Jessica’s home projects and her multigenerational family on her blog at Four Generations One Roof. 

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