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Ideas to bring comfort into a small bedroom

January 22, 2019
by Gloribell

Bed and Bath

When I hear the word comfort, memories or soft fabrics, good food and even a relaxing atmosphere come to mind. While these might all be things we don’t usually do because of our daily life routines, comfort can be brought into our home in many ways. From candles to lighting and pillows, any room should enjoy these luxuries without being budget compromise. Our master bedroom

Heading into the new year, I wanted to bring this serene and comforting atmosphere to our bedroom. One of the first things I decided to update was our comforter. I found at HomeGoods one with a neutral stone color and a soft cotton fabric. This is ideal for almost any space because it could easily be mixed with many pillow colors and bedding sets to fit all seasons. 

My favorite accents are the guava color velvet pillows and a long boudoir with faux fur details layered at the head of our bed. Don’t forget to add a special throw; in my case a luxurious white faux fur was a great find at HomeGoods.

Style your side

Side tables or nightstands can also be styled with some basic items. If you have two sides, remember they don’t always have to be identical. I prefer to make them different to adapt to each person’s needs and likes. 

On my side you’ll find a fabric pin board (such a fantastic HomeGoods find) that is being used as my small gallery wall. I love having family photos close by and the board has become my special place to place all those lovely faces that bring so much joy into my life. My favorite candle and a simple table lamp are also on my side.

His side of the bed has a more formal style with a small cabinet in a soft wood color that I recently found at HomeGoods. This place serve both as a site table/nightstand and as storage (so needed in our small home). The framed black and white photography brings in that comforting and serene aspect I wanted to create. 

There’s a corner for everything

In almost every bedroom, there’s this corner or wall that serve many purposes. This area can be the designated spot for the dresser, a sitting area with a comfortable accent chair (check the amazing variety that HomeGoods has) or just a small home office. In my case, the latter is my way to go. But this area doesnt’ need to look crowded or either take a bite out of your serene room. My desk is a small one with some drawers for storage and I’ve added a ring decorative accent as my letter holder. Another way I was able to keep this area nice and organized was by attaching on the side a small wire wall organizer to keep my agenda’s in hand. 

Bringing comfort into a bedroom or your daily life can be easily achieved with the right accessories. Just remember to add some personal key pieces that will speak to your senses. 

Gloribell Lebron is paid blogger. She’s an interior designer and stylist with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. View more of her work at Know How She Does It. (Find her on InstagramPinterestTwitter, and Facebook.)

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