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5 simple elements to create a space to rejuvenate

January 08, 2019
by Courtney

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There is just something about January that makes you want to rejuvenate everything. Your house- a fresh perspective and decor after the holiday decorations are  put away.  Your body with good food and nourishment and your mind- with a bit of relaxation after the busy and a focus for a new year.

One of my favorite ways to rejuvenate mind and body is a retreat or spa for a few days. But it isn’t always easy to get away this time of year- so I bring that quiet spot to get away and rejuvenate home.

Creating a quiet oasis that is a bit of an escape is simple with just a few elements. I wandered into my local HomeGoods and filled my cart with a few cozy, inviting, relaxing elements – and got busy creating a retreat spot out in our greenhouse.

#1. Cozy

The first stop was to grab some elements to warm up the settee in the greenhouse.  Cozy was my focus and this chunky knit throw is absolutely incredible for wrapping up in.

#2. Comfort 

I picked up these knit pillows, and large euro size pillows for layering to create a spot where you could sink into the sofa, put your feet up and relax.


I am a huge fan of candlelight- I think everything looks more cozy, more elegant and more relaxing by candle flicker.

I picked up 3 boxes of small glass candles, several tall glass candles and even some tapers- and grouped them together for a warm ambiance on the vintage bench. A bonus is the wonderful scent that fills the air- think fresh scents like ‘sea breeze’  for invigorating and soft scents like ‘lavender’ for relaxing.

I also tucked a few candles in glass on the greenhouse window shelves for more light. Just remember safety when using real candles- and do not leave them unattended.

#4. LED Trees & Fairy Lights

Another favorite that is so simple for adding that warm ambiance that invites a bit of an escape and relaxation- twinkle trees and fairy lights. They aren’t just for Christmas or outdoor evenings- these can be used year round for adding a bit of warmth and magic to a space.

These white trees add such a soft glow and sculptural feeling to the corner- and on the floor, the cloches filled with string fairy lights adds just a bit of ambiance.  In the evening, the fairy lights and trees along with the candles will create a warm light to relax by.

#5. Treats

With candles, twinkle lights, cozy blankets and squishy pillows to sink into and a few crystals tucked here and there (all from HomeGoods)  all that is left to create an afternoon retreat are a few nibbles and a cup of coffee and a few books or magazines. I picked up shortbread cookies and this charming cutting board which is perfect for serving- and poured a cup of warm coffee and cozied up for a bit of quiet time  while the rain was falling outside.

Taking that time- whether it is 15 minutes or an hour to rejuvenate is something that is so important for all of us. That little pause in the busy of the day where it is You time.  When you can center yourself, focus on a dream,  meditate, or simply sit quietly and just be for a few minutes will work wonders. And don’t forget to pick up a few fresh flowers for yourself as a treat as well.

Courtney is a paid blogger and writes the blog French Country Cottage where she shares lifestyle and design inspirations, DIY projects and the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage. Connect with Courtney on her blog, French Country Cottage.

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