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A Christmas Table that’s a conversation starter

December 18, 2018
by Lizbeth

Kitchen and Dining Seasonal Decor

The most special time of the year is here and I can absolutely say that it is my favorite holiday of the year! I’m always anxiously awaiting this time of the year to start decorating and one of my favorite things to do is the Christmas table. I know a lot of you are thinking: why?

I love to decorate the table for Christmas because I’ve done so many in the past it’s now part of my life and it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing. The Christmas table is special because it’s a time when I get together with friends and family to celebrate around good food, good conversation, and lots and lots of laughter. Of course the table is always part of the conversation and everyone is looking forward to seeing what I came up with for the year.

The first thing I do is start with the colors. I always like to make sure the colors coordinate with my Christmas tree so when it comes time to put the tree up, I always think about what colors I want on my table for the holiday.

This year I decided to go with a romantic and elegant vibe. I used white and cream, similar to my tree. I always like to make sure my decor is elegant and I think using these colors, makes it easy to do!

Down the middle of the table I put down a striped runner and tons and tons of greenery. A garland is a great way to do this. It gives the table a Christmas-y (is that a word? lol) feel and adding ornaments and other little details makes the table shine with not a lot of effort.

Flowers of course are always a big hit. I always use fresh flowers in my decor because you can never go wrong with that. White roses with a touch of blush look elegant and beautiful. Add some greenery and you’re all set!


One of the most important elements when it comes to decorating the table is the plates. I always like to add something new. I may use previous plates I’ve used before but I always add something new to them. At HomeGoods I always find something new and beautiful that I can add to my table for the year. Like these black and white striped plates and the small soup bowls with gold detail. They’re perfect for the occasion. It was such a great find and I’m so happy I found them!

This year I decided to add something new to the table: small gifts for my guests. They’re aromatherapy candles and they smell amazing and I know my guests will enjoy them! It’s a small detail they’ll remember for years to come.


I hope you all got some inspiration for your holiday table! I also hope your holiday parties continue to be better than the last. Thank you for stopping by the blog and being such amazing followers! Happy Holidays everyone!

All photos by Home and Fabulous

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