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Santa’s Savvy Secret

December 04, 2018
by HG Insider


Is it better to give than receive? Or is it better to save and then give? Gift giving should be a joyous process, guided by thought and creativity, not price and budget. Before you head to store, jot a few notes next to each recipients name such as their personality, likes and interests. Below are a few of our favorite thought starters!

The Fashionista

You know who she is. She knows all the trends and what to wear for any occasion.

The Couch Potato

No judgment! Cold winter nights call for binge watching and snuggling.

The Party People

From snacks to drinks to board games, there’s no luck involved. This gift theme is a crowd pleaser.

The Pet Lover

Mans best friend deserves only the best. Find the perfect combination for dogs, cats and owners alike!

The Foodie / The Gym Rat / The Novelist

So many ideas. Bring us your list and your imagination.

The Perfect Gift Basket

Fun to make. Fun to receive. Try a theme like coffee, pasta or spa. With our incredible selection and prices, you can find so many combinations and create something special.

New gifts arrive through Christmas Eve. Explore the store near you here


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