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Spend a little, give a lot

November 29, 2018
by HG Guest


Tis the season for gifting and nothing beats the feeling of giving a great, thoughtful gift.  The gifts we give are a chance for us to show those that we love how much we appreciate them and how well we know them.  It feels even better to give a wonderful, thoughtful gift without spending a fortune.  Thanks to HomeGoods, we can do both!  Put together a personalized gift that shows your recipient you really know them and save a bundle.  Here are 5 tips for putting together amazing gifts spending a little and gifting a lot.

Make a list of the people you would like to create gifts for and their interests.  This way when you are out wandering the aisles you can be on the lookout for items that would be great to include in baskets.  The inventory at HomeGoods is ever changing and there is always something new and exciting every time you visit. Having a plan and shopping over the course of a couple of weeks allows you to not only be more thoughtful, but find even more exciting gift items as new things pop up in the store.  Knowing the details of your recipients lives and personalities lead to the most meaningful gifts.

Thoughtful gift givers pay close attention to detail.  If you’ve gone to all the effort to create an amazing gift, you definitely want to present it in an equally amazing way.  HomeGoods offers SO many fun containers, bags, boxes and baskets to package your gift. The holiday gift wrap aisles are full of unique wrapping paper and boxes, but even beyond a traditional box, think of the basket aisles, dishtowels to wrap up a kitchen gift, bowls to gift baking supplies etc.  A reusable container becomes part of the gift itself. The possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget pets. Many of your gift recipients may be pet parents.  That is definitely something they are excited about and love, so create a fun gift for them based around their furriest family member.  Fill a cute storage basket with supplies that every new dog owner needs.  The pet aisles at HomeGoods are our go-to for all of my puppy needs.  Dog treats, leashes, bags, bathing supplies, toys and more…nicer products all at a fraction of the cost of pet specialty stores.

Pick up a mix of items in all sizes.  If you are creating a basket, you want to make sure it is full…almost has the appearance of overflowing.  You will need a variety of items in all different sizes and price points to fill your container.  Larger items to make up the base of the basket and small and medium size items to fill in around them.  A game night basket is a great family gift idea or for a young couple.  During the holidays HomeGoods carries a great collection of unique games.  Consider including snacks and drinks for the gamers to much on while they play the game.  An assortment of sweet and salty is great.  Things like bags of flavored popcorn, gourmet treats and sodas in the HomeGoods food aisles are great fillers.  They are reasonably priced and come in all different sizes to fill in the nooks and crannies of your basket.

Check every aisle for unique gift ideas.  Awesome gifts for even the most seemingly difficult people to buy for can be found if you think out side the box.  While the office aisle might not be the first thing to come to mind when gifting for a teenage girl, a gift of assorted tech and desk accessories (at amazing prices!) found there are guaranteed to be a hit.  Package them up in a sparkly make-up bag from the bath aisle and you have a perfect gift for a teenager.   The stationery aisle is one of my favorite spots for gift giving.  It is a gold mine of cute notebooks, party supplies, books and gift items.  Don’t miss out on the treasures found everywhere!

I hope these tips help you find useful, thoughtful gifts that don’t break the bank.

Happy gifting!

Tammy Mitchell is a paid contributor and author of popular lifestyle blog, Pink Peppermint Design, a lifestyle website with a fresh and easy approach to a beautifully styled life.  She loves to share interior design plans, entertaining ideas, travel tips, easy to make DIY projects and delicious recipes. 

All photos by Pink Peppermint Design

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