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Special Holiday Dog Gift Guide under $50

November 29, 2018
by Jessica

Gifting Kids and Pets

Do you have a special pup in your life that you want to treat to a cute holiday gift? Trust me, even fur babies love adorable presented gifts! I visited my local HomeGoods store last week and picked up a few adorable gifts for under $50.

I had a special little Yorkie in mind when I was shopping so everything is pint sized but rest assured, there was plenty of larger sizes in the toys, beds and clothing available.

Special Holiday Dog Gift Guide under $50

Whether you are stuffing a stocking, a gift bag or a box, remember to always embellish with ribbon and tissue paper.

I found this cute holiday wooden box in the storage isle and decided that I would fill it with canine holiday goodies. This way, the box can be reused next Christmas …..perhaps for pup toys!

Special Holiday Dog Gift Guide under $50

Start by stuffing tissue paper in the bottom to raise up the gifts. Sometimes I will even use crumpled up paper towels to create height in the box and then add the tissue paper last. I think it’s also fun to add Holiday toys too. For example, the Santa squeaky toy is so cute!

Place the bigger treats and toys towards the back and the smaller items towards the front.

I personally thought the print ornament kit was a great idea and very unique. The frosted covered  bones also add a touch of gourmet to the gift as well. Nothing but the best for our pups right?

Special Holiday Dog Gift Guide under $50

HomeGoods has an extensive pet collection ranging from beds, high end treats (including grain free), toys, bathing supplies, food and water bowls, unique designer friendly clothing, collars, accessories and more.

The best part, it’s a one stop shop experience. I got everything, including the tissue paper at HomeGoods and the gift was under $50.  Like I said earlier, be sure to take an extra 5 minutes and add holiday embellishments such as pretty cotton ribbon, decorative tissue paper and perhaps and unique ornament to create a gorgeous gift.

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