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Holiday Cocktail Party

November 14, 2018
by Lizbeth

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Organizing a holiday cocktail doesn’t have to be complicated. With a quick trip to the grocery and of course HomeGoods you can find everything you need on your list. At HomeGoods you can expect to find all sorts of glassware for your party, but also gourmet hors ‘doeuvres that you can serve guests like chips, cookies, olives and much much more.

Your holiday cocktail party shouldn’t be complicated or expensive. With a little bit of imagination you can have a sophisticated and elegant party for friends and family.

Let’s start with drinks. Pink, white and red wine is a great idea because not everyone has the same taste. Sparkling wine with cranberries can make the party feel festive. A couple of signature drinks are also a great option and they don’t have to be complicated. A lot of my cocktails are made with recipes I’ve found online which are fairly easy to make. I also like to buy Kahlua which makes for a quick and easy drink. Don’t forget to have non-alcoholic beverages as well for those who don’t drink!


Food is important, having a little bit of everything for everyone to choose from. A cheese board with different cheeses, nuts, and meats is perfect for large groups. Not to mention it’s easier for you! If you plan on cooking, give yourself time and make sure to get it done a couple of hours before the party. Cut the limes ahead of time, get the appetizers ready, and everything will go more smoothly for you.

A station specifically for sweets is always a big hit. Everyone always wants something sweet at the end of the night. To make it easier, just bring out some cookies, donuts, and caramel corn. Use your imagination, your guests will appreciate it!

A couple hours before the party, start chilling the wine and beer. Get everything out and ready that’s refrigerated so it’s room temperature. Half an hour before the party, make sure to serve yourself a nice cocktail, play your favorite music, and fill up the ice bucket. Lastly, be sure to check back regularly to keep filling up the ice bucket as needed, make sure the cheese board is full, and food is still available.

I hope these small tips help you with your next reunion and most importantly don’t forget to enjoy your night. For more tips and inspiration don’t forget to follow me on all my social media platforms. I’ll see you next time!

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