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A Cozy Holiday Guest Bedroom

November 13, 2018
by HG Guest

Bed and Bath Seasonal Decor

It’s that time of the year again! Which means holiday parties, lots of eating, family gatherings and holiday guests! If you anticipate anyone coming to visit you this season, then consider giving them a cozy room to nestle into for their stay.

Here are 5 tips to help make your guest room cozier:

Tip #1:

Simple white bedding. Consider a duvet, with a textured white cover, for your guest bedroom. White duvets give off a hotel feel, which is what we want for our guests. Duvets are also versatile because you can switch them in and out depending on the season, or if your style changes. Duvet covers at HomeGoods are usually a fraction of the cost than buying new comforter sets every time you want a change, and HomeGoods offers a wide selection to choose from. I also added a white quilt underneath the duvet since you may not know if your guests like to sleep with a lighter or heavier covering. Giving them options will really help them feel right at home.

Tip #2:

Keep the throw pillows to a minimum. Throw pillows are beautiful, and can add a lot of personality to a room, but don’t overload your guest with a bed full of pillows. Have their sleeping pillows and up to 3 decorative pillows that can easily be transferred to a basket or a bench (which brings me to tip #3)

Tip #3:

Add a bench to the foot of the bed. Benches are an extension of the bed. It provides not only space for your holiday guests to lay out their items, but it’s also a dedicated space for them to sit. It’s way easier to put your shoes on from a bench, rather than a bed.

Tip #4

Add texture with a faux fur throw. Faux fur during the holiday season is so chic and luxurious but it also makes a room feel cozier. Whether your guests just like the look of it, or they would much rather curl up underneath it with some hot cocoa, it’s there to give them the illusion that they’re on a winter weekend getaway.

Tip #5:

Add holiday decor. Most of the time we add holiday flare to the main areas of our house, like the living room and dining room. But if you’re having holiday guests, really make it worth their visit, by adding some of that flare to their bedroom. A wreath over the window, reindeer on the bed bringing them presents, twinkling lights, and maybe even their own Christmas Tree (if your room is big enough) would be all the holiday joy they need, not to mention a memorable stay!

I hope you found these tips helpful and easy to put to use. These tips are not only for your guest bedroom but can also be applied to your bedroom as well. Give yourself a holiday cozy retreat in your own home! Happy Holidays Friends!

Rashida Banks is a paid HomeGoods guest blogger and an Interior Stylist in Washington, DC. She has a strong passion for home décor, and loves to teach others simple ways on how to get that beautiful space they’ve always dreamed of, at an affordable price. Visit her at or on instagram @rashida.banks.

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