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4 tips for a happy Friendsgiving!

September 25, 2018
by Gloribell

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The month of November marks a season of many gathering events. Some start as early as Halloween, but November has special meaning to me. This is the month we dedicate to count our blessings and where we remember how important it is to be grateful. For us, this month can sometimes bring a little shadow of sadness since our families live far away. Nevertheless through the years we’ve made amazing friends which we consider an extended part of our family. And in November we now celebrate Friendsgiving.

Today I’ll be sharing how easy this type of gathering is and how stress free is can be with some great findings from my favorite store, HomeGoods. Follow up these tips for an amazing Friendsgiving celebration.

Charge them with positivity

I love chargers! They add the final touch to any plate and can be mix and match with the rest of the dinnerware depending on the season or even the table style. This time around I found at HomeGoods a set of galvanized metal chargers and fell in love with their rustic style. On each of these I wrote on the border a special short message. But if you’re short in time, you can always write their names. Just make sure to use a chalk pen so it is easy to clean up.

Other simples touches you can add to your table are napkin rings with some positive wordings like these I found at HomeGoods. 

Rustic entertaining

Cheese boards have come a long way. Nowadays you can find them made of different materials including marble, stone and the classic wood. HomeGoods have and incredible selection of boards for all styles and budgets.

For this particular table I’ll be using a rustic type of wood to add a layer of texture into the mix. This table will serve my guests with a simple selection of dried cured meats and cheeses. At HomeGoods I found an incredible variety of dried fruits and nuts which I’m also planning on adding to this board.

From day to night

Whenever I’m hosting a gathering I like my guests to arrive just before sun sets. This way I can set my table with some candles and lots of lanterns for that magical touch. 

On my last visit to HomeGoods while getting my last accessories for this event, as I was walking towards cashier I found 6 mini lanterns. I was ecstatic with my discovery because I knew these would make an incredible statement as place settings and it is something my guests can take back home. So never underestimate that last aisle when finishing up your trip to HomeGoods.

Fake with faux

Love real pumpkins but can’t get your hands on the tiny ones? No problem! At HomeGoods I found some cute faux options in a variety of colors. My favorite ones were the soft cream and also tiny little ones made out of paper. These pumpkins are the perfect addition to my Friendsgiving table but also they could work for any Thanksgiving gathering.

As you can see entertaining your friends and letting them know how important their presence is in your life, is an easy task. With these tips and some incredible HomeGoods accessories, your extended family will have a time they’ll always remember. 

Gloribell Lebron is paid blogger. She’s an interior designer and stylist with a strong background and knowledge in graphic design. View more of her work at Know How She Does It. (Find her on InstagramPinterestTwitter, and Facebook.)

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