The art of finding

Go Finding with our buyers!

September 14, 2018
by HG Insider

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At HomeGoods, #GoFinding is a way of life – because we believe shopping should be an adventure!

That’s why our buyers are curious explorers always seeking high-quality finds at tremendous value, scouring the globe throughout the year. Whether it’s the latest home trend, a great deal from a top brand name or handcrafted finds from a local artisan, we are on the hunt for new, inspiring pieces to offer our shoppers.

In the words of one of our buyers, “We spend a lot of time on the road, fanned out across the globe…. an international treasure hunt of sorts, seeking finds that embrace a rich cultural relevance.”

Our buyers shared a glimpse of their travels and we couldn’t resist passing along a sneak peek of their journeys. After all, finding is an experience and that’s what we hope you find every time you visit HomeGoods.

First stop: Portugal

In Portugal, the history of pottery making dates back to the 1400s so it’s no wonder that ceramic artistry is embedded in their culture. Travel the countryside and you’ll see glazed tiles adorn building facades, home interiors and gardens.



Known for bold, iconic patterns, such as trellis and ogee curves, Moroccan design, with its exotic look and jewel tones colors, has exploded in popularity from rugs to textiles to pottery.


From beautiful blown glass in Poland to colorful ceramics from Italy and great quality furniture right here in the USA, find what inspires you, all at a price you’ll love. #GoFinding