The art of finding

Find your Fall look for less!

August 28, 2018
by HG Insider

Furniture and Home Accents

From nature’s warm, golden palette to moody colors, cozy textures and harvest icons, no other season offers so much inspiration for your home – from front door to back porch. So grab yourself a pumpkin-spiced latte and let your imagination wander as we share some fresh twists on fall favorites.

Get moody! 

Color can create a welcoming ambiance and sense of warmth in your home, which is particularly appealing as we head into chillier weather. Maple, caramel and toast are quintessential mid-tone beiges that bring a warmhearted glow – and a little ray of fall sunshine – in any form, from paint to wood to leather.

Making a bold entry on the interior scene are jewel tones – amethyst, emerald, ruby and topaz. These gems add a luscious quality to decorative accents but are transformative when used more broadly throughout a room. Feeling timid?Start with an upholstered piece, pillows or an accent wall.

Navy is a natural as a neutral 

There’s good reason navy has exploded in popularity. Sophisticated and elegant this darker shade of blue is extremely versatile and works with a variety of styles. Here we paired it with dark, rich tones for a vibrant, dramatic effect. Mix textures, pattern and sheen for added depth and visual interest.

Add some shimmer

Brass in various forms has been around for centuries. Considered a timeless metallic, it can add depth and warmth to a richer palette. Clean lines and muted finishes add a contemporary flair when paired with velvet.

Make a statement! 

We love fashion with function and believe you should never settle for anything less. The return to routine post summer serenity calls for some hard-working organization pieces. Perfect for an entry, office, family room and more a console can be part statement piece and part hiding spot for games, toys, school supplies, books, entertaining essentials, you name it.

Layer in artwork

Selecting wall art may seem a bit intimidating unless you’re an art curator by trade. Wall décor can be deeply personal, reflective of our style, our memories and our unique personality. When exploring artwork, find what sparks an emotion, a memory or a heartstring. Mixing and matching photography versus painting, small versus large and leaning versus hung conveys a collection that’s been assembled over time.

Toss in some pillows

There’s no easier way to update a space than refreshing your pillow selection. Who doesn’t love browsing aisles of color, pattern and texture? It’s a feast for the eyes. We’ve been known to pull up a chair and play with combinations in store. The options are endless!

Pumpkins, gourds and wheat, oh my!

Nothing says harvest like nature’s icons. Whether you’re farmhouse, traditional or prefer a more transitional look start with what you love and enjoy the creative process of bringing it all to life!

Find what inspires you, what organizes you, what invites you to get cozy this season ~ and find it for so much less than you thought possible.

Have fun and fall in love. Go explore. Go finding