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Go Finding with Chris Freytag

July 30, 2018
by HG Guest

Furniture and Home Accents

As an entrepreneur, health coach, mom and wife, every day I encounter the busyness and stress of life. Although every day looks a bit different for me, they all share a common theme: they’re filled to the brim! Managing a company, creating content I’m passionate about, speaking at local events, and pouring myself into my fitness classes and workouts takes a lot of work. That’s why it’s so important for me to unwind, de-stress and slow down through meditation.

Meditation is a lot easier than most people think and the benefits are truly amazing. From reducing stress to boosting focus, meditation helps me decompress, re-focus and sets me up for a successful day.

I’ve been looking to step up my meditation practice, so I was so excited to Go Finding at HomeGoods for affordable pieces and cute planters that will last forever to create my meditation corner.

As I wandered the aisles of HomeGoods, I filled my cart with pieces for my cozy, peaceful corner! My first finds were these soft, cushy pillows that set the tone and inspired the color scheme for the rest of my calming space. The grays, blushes and creams spoke to me and work well with my existing home décor.

Since you can never really know what you’re going to find on each shopping trip, I came out with so much more than I planned for. I knew I wanted pillows in soft textures to cozy up my meditation corner, but I also wanted to incorporate a beautiful new fig tree and ivy plant that I had recently purchased during a visit to my local nursery. I was so excited when I found planters with such cute, clean designs. These plants and pots were really the perfect pop of color and texture for my meditation corner, plus they add some air-purifying qualities and bring life to the space. I love that feeling when I stumble upon the perfect piece at HomeGoods – it’s like a breath of fresh air!

Setting Up a Meditation Corner Using “5 Senses” Items from HomeGoods:

Just like there is no perfect way to meditate (it’s really just about learning to connect the mind and body), there is no perfect way to set up a meditation space. But you will want to find a quiet room or corner of a room that you can dedicate to your meditation practice.

From there, I like to use the “Five Senses” as my guide. Incorporating something for each of the five senses allows you get in touch with your mind and body, and bring an inspiring and uplifting space to life.


For sight, my favorite find was this Buddha head (I thought that was fitting for the space). But, of course, HomeGoods has so many fun finds, I couldn’t just stop there and also picked up a Himalayan salt lamp. Both of these items were such unique finds and at such affordable prices, I didn’t have to pass up either one. Plus, Himalayan salt lamps also release positive ions into the air. Double score!


For smell, I knew right away that a candle would be my thing. And boy is it fun to look through the HomeGoods candle section! They have SO many scents, it was so hard to choose, but I ultimately went for a Sea Breeze scent because of its calming, relaxing effect.


The HomeGoods lotions caught my eye and I knew that would be perfect for my touch sense. I immediately gravitated to a shea butter lotion – I’m a huge fan of shea butter for the feel of it (so silky and soft!). This peony scent was so pleasant and subtle that it immediately went into my cart.


I thought a nice cup of tea would be the perfect way to relax in my new mediation corner and bring in the taste sense. I found this super cute gold and black teacup during my Go Finding adventure and knew it would pair super well with my favorite yummy fruity tea. It makes such a cute accent in my space.


I’m a big music person – in my car, at the office, at home – so when I’m meditating I like to have some soothing, melodic music in the background. Of course, you can always meditate in complete silence, but for me, it’s actually easier to focus when I have something on in the background. I have to say, this portable speaker was such a fun, unexpected find. It’s small and compact, and the cute little rose gold accents were the icing on the cake (can’t help it – rose gold is my thing!).

Overall, I am thrilled with my meditation corner! HomeGoods has always been one of my favorite stores because it’s so easy to discover fun pieces that inspire your creativity! Now, I have no excuse not to spend more time meditating. Let’s face it, I’m a work in progress, but now I have the perfect space to unplug, de-stress and find my zen.

Chris Freytag is a healthy lifestyle blogger and fitness trainer with a passion for helping women live their best lives. She loves all things fitness, food, fashion and fun! Hang out with Chris on Get Healthy U or find her on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.