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Go Finding With Inspiralized Ali

July 26, 2018
by HG Guest

Furniture and Home Accents

As a culinary entrepreneur who takes photos for my food blog, Inspiralized, I knew it was time to elevate the food styling in my photography. I decided to Go Finding at HomeGoods, searching for some new plates, bowls, and dining pieces to take more beautiful photos for my business. When I arrived, I found much more than that!

I’ve always loved wandering the aisles in-store, finding myself inspired by pieces and wanting to bring them home. From furniture to linens to lamps, there’s endless inspiration to add better organization, style, or functionality to your home. There are so many unique pieces, and whenever I do bring something home, my friends and family always ask, “Where did you get that?!” and I am happy to say HomeGoods.

As a new mom who works from home, finding the balance in my work and home/personal space can be a challenge. My son’s play area is in our living room, which also happens to be my “photo studio” (the area I take all my photos for my social media channels and blog). There were a lot of loose toys around and my camera was never easily accessible. It’s hard to feel focused and balanced when your space isn’t exactly as you’d like.

As I was walking through the Kitchen Essentials section, I walked by some organizational storage bins and I was instantly inspired to find a better way to store my camera equipment and make a tidier, more balanced space.

I found two great bins! The large bin is perfect for storing those loose toys that I always step on while setting up my photo table, and the smaller bin holds my camera and lenses. Now every time I photograph a recipe, I can just grab the small bin and place it by my workspace for easy, fuss-free access.

Most importantly, I found some chic new kitchen accessories to elevate the food styling in my photos. I found small porcelain baking dishes, an ivory baking sheet, mini loaf pans (great for my Inspiralized Kids photos!), and a sleek new cutting board. My favorite find was a white non-stick skillet with a dark wood handle. I never take photos on the stovetop, because my skillets aren’t “photo ready,” but I’m always asked for more step-by-step cooking photos. Thanks to HomeGoods, now I’ll be able to do it! Plus, the skillet looks chic and pops nicely in my lifestyle shots.

New York Times best-selling author Ali Maffucci founded Inspiralized, the ultimate resource for cooking with the Inspiralizer, the kitchen tool that turns veggies and fruits into noodles, has authored 3 cookbooks, and currently lives in Jersey City, NJ with her husband, Lu, and her 9-month old son, Luca. 

Photos courtesy of Erin Dwyer Photography