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My #GoFinding Adventures for my New Home

July 19, 2018
by Michael

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I recently purchased a new home which has been a wonderful experience. Being a lifestyle blogger, having a new and blank space is certainly an exciting opportunity. Naturally, I’ve been making many trips to HomeGoods for decorative and functional items for my new space.

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In this post, I thought it would be fun to share my #GoFinding adventures with you and give you a little insight on how I’m shopping for my new home. I also have a few tips to share on how I typically go about shopping at HomeGoods.

Because HomeGoods is a different type of retail experience, I approach it in a unique and individual way. I hope that sharing some of my tips and knowledge will help you to have a more enjoyable and rewarding #GoFiniding shopping experience.

Let’s do this!

Have a Plan (but be flexible): With a new home, I’ve become a master at list making. To help manage the many home improvement and home decor projects, I have created lists to keep me organized. I’ve also created a new Pinterest board which visually helps me to develop and plan an overall look and design for my home.

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When I #GoFinding at HomeGoods I usually take a list of the items I need. Because HomeGoods can often be a treasure hunt, my list of items is somewhat general so I can always remain open to ideas and interesting products that I may find along the way. I’ve found that looking for very specific items can often be frustrating and limiting as I may pass over something really cool or interesting because it didn’t meet a certain and sometimes unnecessary criteria.

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The fun part about shopping at HomeGoods is that you never know what you’re going to find, so you need be open to “the hunt.” While planning is smart and having specific items in mind is helpful, don’t let it stifle the creativeness that can happen while you are browsing through the aisles.

Start with Neutrals:
If you’re like me and you are starting with a new home or even just a new space in your existing home, I recommend starting with neutrals. I went from a one bedroom apartment to a five bedroom home. This meant I had several beds to dress. Because I’m not fully ready to design every bedroom, I opted to purchase a lot of neutral bedding and pillows. Not only will these serve their purpose now, but I will still be able to use them later when I introduce more color and style into the space.

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Keep in mind that your “neutrals” don’t necessarily need to be white, black, and/or tan. If you know you love pink, your neutrals could be be white, black and pink.

Once you do start developing a color scheme for your home or space, keep that color scheme in mind as you shop. HomeGoods has a large selection of items to choose from so being able to narrow your choices by color can keep your shopping experience from becoming overwhelming.

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Also, don’t be afraid to customize your HomeGoods pieces. Because the prices are so good, I never shy away from painting an item that I love to make it fit in with my color palette.

Hunt for Inspiration:
While many times I will go into HomeGoods with a specific goal, at other times I’ll just pop in to search for inspiration. Like most stores, HomeGoods switches up their inventory based on the seasons and current design trends. I’m always excited to see what colors, designs, and patterns are currently trending and I try to think about different ways to incorporate new or unique ideas into my home.

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In fact, I’ve often created entire rooms, tablescapes, or party themes based on one or two items that I found in-store. While HomeGoods makes a great shopping destination, you can also use it to help inspire home decor!

Check Often:
This may not be an option for everyone, but stop at HomeGoods as frequently as you can. Also, if you have multiple HomeGoods in your area, do stop at the different locations as each store may have different items in stock.

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I’m currently located in Pittsburgh and have about fives store within 30 – 45 minutes of my home. I always try and plan to swing by one of these store locations if I happen to be in the area. Even if you can only stop in for just a few minutes, you never know what treasures or inspiration you can quickly find.

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Just Buy it:
Often times you’ll find a really great piece at HomeGoods, but you’re just not sure it will work for one reason or another. Instead of going home to think about it, I typically buy the piece so I can take it home and try it out.

I’m very careful with the item and hang on to my receipt. If the item doesn’t work, I just return it on my next visit.

Certain pieces come in very limited quantities. If you walk away from an item, be aware that there’s a risk it will sell and you’ll never be able to find it again. That’s just how it works. Avoid the frustration; buy it and return if it doesn’t suit your space or your needs.

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I could probably share a dozen more #GoFinding tips, but I’ll leave you with these for now . These are my big takeaways and what I’m using for my #GoFinding adventures for my new home.

I hope that these tips and ideas are helpful as you navigate and shop your local HomeGoods store. Happy hunting!

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