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Refresh Your Bathroom and Create a Spa at Home

July 12, 2018
by Courtney

Bed and Bath Organization and Cleaning

Bathrooms are those ‘necessary’ rooms and sometimes they are the last on the list for a refresh or update or getting a bit of style. And one of the most popular looks currently is a ‘zen’ or quiet sort of style. One that creates a feeling where you are invigorated when you start your day- and can relax winding down in the evening.

Today I am sharing a few fabulous finds at HomeGoods recently that were perfect for adding just the right touch to create a bathroom that is inviting and quietly beautiful.

Photo by French Country Cottage

The Tub Area

I started with this weathered stool which is a favorite find from HomeGoods  several years ago- and simply added a chunky white candle with a soft fresh floral scent and a bouquet of flowers. This bottle for holding the flowers came in a package of 3 of them- and I am so enjoying them tucked here and there around the house- and for serving water or milk.

Photo by French Country Cottage

I also picked up a load of fresh towels for a luxurious wrap up after a warm tub- and several bars of decadent soaps. I am in love with soaps with a bit of oatmeal and chunky textures and they look lovely when not being used as well.

In the armoire

Photo by French Country Cottage

Stacks of rose and lavender soap and bottles of lotions, oils and pretty things to make you feel pretty- are perfect on display and for grabbing each day to use as needed.

Photo by French Country Cottage

I also picked up a jar of chunky blush bath salts that are ready to use for an evening soak. A vintage silver spoon is perfect for scooping out the perfect amount.

On the vanity

The vanity is a perfect spot for a bit of warmth with florals. I fell in love with this Faux Bois vase-and knew it would be perfect.

Photo by French Country Cottage

A simple, subtle and natural look brings a restful feeling.

Under the Vanity

A vintage laundry basket is filled with fresh white towels. I am a huge fan of fresh towels and will buy them by the dozen when I find one I like. These are chunky, thick towels and are crisp white and perfection in the bathroom- as well as some of the softest I have found.

Photo by French Country Cottage

Under foot

Brand new bath rugs are always an easy way to bring a fresh feeling. I layered several by the shower and the vanity over a vintage rug that I have in the bathroom for softness underfoot.

Creating a charming space that is restful and inspiring where you can start and wrap up your day is easy with just a few stylish trinkets and treasures, loads of fresh towels and a bevy of soaps and luxurious lotions from HomeGoods.

Courtney is a paid blogger and writes the blog French Country Cottage where she shares lifestyle and design inspirations, DIY projects and the ongoing renovations of her 1940’s cottage. Connect with Courtney on her blog, French Country Cottage.

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