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Decorating a Dorm – Create a Unique & Productive Space

June 22, 2018
by HG Guest

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Every year the excitement of dorm shopping always gets me in the mood to create a new space! It’s truly amazing how a single room can contribute to your success while at school. After just finishing off my sophomore year at college, I like to think I’m somewhat of a decorating pro when it comes to put together my dream dorm. Here’s how I brought life, personality, and productivity into my room all while staying on budget:

Start with the Bedding:

Photo by Kiara Green

Experts say a good nights sleep is a must for scoring those good grades, but regardless of if I’m actually sleeping or on a Netflix binge, my bed is defiantly my most used space in my room. It can be overwhelming to start decorating a space without a vibe or any certain colors in mind. I find it best to always start by choosing cute bedding and decorative pillows to inspire my aesthetic and get me thinking about the room as a whole. HomeGoods always has a HUGE selection of the cutest pillows and bedding options in legit every color you can think of! It’s the first thing I look at when I go into the store and it always draws me in (you can never have too many throw pillows lol and HomeGoods’ prices make it too easy to buy a ton). I’m not afraid to mix patterns and pull in different colors with my bedding because I use neutral solid colors as a base, then just keep pilling on the pillows to bring it all together.

Keep Productivity by Your Side:

Photo by Kiara Green

It’s so important to maintain functionality in your room, while also keeping things attractive. My bedside table is the ideal place to set down my phone, plop down a snack plate, and keep my weekly to-do list. I always find the absolute cutest notepads at HomeGoods, which are perfect for helping me manage my busy schedule. I would go crazy if I kept all the things I had to do in my head, and I actually prefer to visually see my list rather then have it hidden in my phone. I write even the smallest tasks on there so I am fully aware of each step I need to take to stay on track. My other favorite part of my bedside table is the adorable acrylic picture frame that holds a pic from my first college football game with my best friend.

Provide Seating for Friends:

Photo by Kiara Green

Having a dorm room where my friends always feel welcome to stop by and hang out is super important to me. It’s so nice to have a place for my guests to sit if we are studying for midterms, or just want to catch up in between classes. This fuzzy stool from HomeGoods is a hall favorite and is used by all my friends! It also helps me out when I need to grab stuff from the top shelf in my closet, and acts as a mini window seat when I want to study with a view!

Make Sure Everything has a Home

Photo by Kiara Green 

I always get compliments on how neat my room is and people constantly ask me how I maintain cleanliness in a small space. Well here’s the secret: make sure every little thing has a place where it belongs. To do this, I use every available part of my room and utilize storage. I found these grey fabric bins from HomeGoods, which allow me to separate my hair products, skincare items, and knickknacks into their own home. Plus it makes getting ready at my desk a breeze when everything is within arms reach!

Supply Yourself With All the Necessities:

Photo by Kiara Green 

Many of my friends found tons of cute décor items for their rooms, but forgot to pick up the most important college necessity: school supplies! I love looking around HomeGoods at all of their adorable office supplies and desk organizers to spice up my study space. They have adorable planners in every pattern, style, and size so you can find the right one to keep yourself organized throughout the school year.

Don’t Forget about Friends from Home: 

Photo by Kiara Green 

I printed SO many photos of my friends and I from home to decorate my dorm! It’s comforting to look around and be reminded of the people who are supporting you while you’re away on your own adventure. The hardest part for me was incorporating the photos into my décor, until I found this letter board that also hangs up pics! I love that I can write messages to myself, and switch up the photos whenever I want to change aspects of my room!

Find Decor the Speaks to You and Serves a Purpose:

Photo by Kiara Green

My final piece of advice is to seek out items that add to your room’s personality, but are also useful for you in your everyday life. This is honestly why I love shopping at HomeGoods. It’s so easy to “go finding” and see what pieces you can discover that bring out what you love (and of course at prices you love)! In the weeks leading up to school my friends and I always take routine trips to the store to see what’s new and exciting to add to our room! I found this adorable jewelry tree that matches my color scheme perfectly, and helps me keep my necklaces from tangling too. It’s so important to keep searching at HomeGoods for the right item because you never know what you will find that can help bring your dream dorm room to life!

Kiara Green is a paid HomeGoods partner. Kiara is a sophomore attending the University of Oregon majoring in human physiology and has a passion for all things media! When she is not in biology lab you can find her lounging on my bed watching TV, or planning out my next video for my YouTube channel Kiara Madisen

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