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Reading Nook Revamp with Vanessa Antonelli

June 14, 2018
by HG Guest

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As a mom of two (Nixon who is 5 years old and Everlee who is 3 years old) and a kids’ space designer, I’m always looking for the best kid’s décor and HomeGoods is my go-to stop! When I head to HomeGoods,  I start with the perimeter of the store to tackle the larger items, and then work my way to the kid’s department to explore the fun, kid-sized décor, bedding, toys, books and more!

With summer camp and pool parties around the corner, there is one less-frequently thought about activity inevitable for almost every child once school lets out – summer reading lists. How can we get our kids to enjoy reading this summer? The answer is easy. Create an awesome reading nook that they can’t resist!

My vision for each reading nook was inspired by my own children’s favorite reads and the trends I’m obsessed with right now – like turf mats for the flooring of a safari, travel-inspired fort (which doubles as a floor-saver for spilled snacks or drinks!), vibrant llama-print pillows with pompom frills to show how fun reading can be outside, and a magical, unicorn pillow fort for those rainy days inside.

Below are pictures of four reading nooks I styled in partnership with HomeGoods and some tips for creating a reading nook in your home that will inspire kids to get lost in their books this summer.

Photo by Matt Harrington

Photo by Matt Harrington

Don’t overlook the floor space!

Photo by Matt Harrington

When decorating a room, I like to layer area rugs in different textures to give the space a cozier feel. Unicorns are all the rage right now with little girls (and their moms), so I created a magical and comfy area to hang out and read – using oversized pillows, an area rug and stuffed unicorns in dreamy colors from the HomeGoods kid’s department.

Bring to life what your kids love. Right now, my son is really into books about camping adventures, so this summer I look forward to making a “campsite” for him and his friends by creating a faux fire pit and heading to HomeGoods to grab benches and blankets where they can read under the stars. Since my kids’ tastes (and reading lists!) always change, I love that the items are affordable and interchangeable.

Use kids books to bring the nook together.

Photo by Matt Harrington

The kids section at HomeGoods goes beyond mini furniture and cute lamps – it also has a ton of quality books to keep the reading going, including many of the classics even us parents enjoy, including new releases and very reasonably priced coffee table books, too! Pull ones your child will enjoy, or stack the bookshelf with books of the same color to visually bring the space together.

Make your child’s surroundings as creative as they are.

Photo by Matt Harrington

On a gloomy day our go-to family activity is building a fort! We grab various sets of sheets, blankets and other cozy items and make a comfy spot where the kids can “escape” into a good book. Whenever I take the kids shopping with me at HomeGoods, we always stop by the blanket / pillow section and let them pick out something for our next cozy day – the quality is great, so I know the product will last long past their fort-building days!

 Don’t be afraid to use unexpected materials.

Photo by Matt Harrington

My clients love when I use unique materials like fabric, leather or even turf on their walls. Turf is one of my regular go-tos. I was SO excited to find turf squares at HomeGoods – it’s perfect for indoors and outdoors, and the squares make them easy to move around. I used it on the floor in a travel-themed reading nook because it brings to life that outdoor element, without all the mess.

Tap your child’s design eye to truly spark inspiration.

Photo by Matt Harrington

On a recent trip to HomeGoods, my daughter found a blue llama pillow in the kids department that reminded her of her favorite book – I brought it home and created a fun llama fiesta reading nook for her! Having her as a part of the decorating process for her own space has gotten her even more excited to read.

I hope these tips gave you a little inspiration to revamp your kid’s reading nooks and to Go Finding at HomeGoods! Happy summer and happy reading!

Vanessa Antonelli is a paid HomeGoods Partner and premier modern kids gear expert and sought-after Playroom, Nursery and Kids Space Designer with an extensive roster of celebrity clientele.