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Colorful and Eclectic Plant Corner

May 03, 2018
by HG Guest

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This is a guest blog post by Morgan Doane, who is the green thumb behind the botanical-themed Instagram account @plantingpink and is the co-founder of @houseplantclub. She shares daily photos from her home in Tampa, FL where she has a collection of houseplants that she uses to naturally weave in to her home décor.

As a house plant stylist, I subscribe to the “whatever brings you joy” philosophy of life and that comes through in my plant collection as well as my decorating sense. I love to pair flowy foliage with bright colors and lots of texture, with a few treasures from around the world sprinkled in. My recent finding trip to HomeGoods sparked so much creativity that I was able to decorate a whole corner around what I brought home and it didn’t break the bank!

Photo by Morgan Doane

I love shopping at HomeGoods because with so many treasures throughout the store, I often discover things I never would have expected. That’s what happened to me recently when I found the perfect round cushion for my vintage peacock chair. A cushion is such a simple addition to a chair – a no-brainer, really. But the right piece always eluded me. So, finding this perfectly pink, beautifully boho pillow was a great score and I could not believe how nice it was!

Photo by Morgan Doane

Next to my peacock chair, I used a little cabinet as a side table and since it has a small surface area and I have a large plant collection, I knew I needed to go vertical with my plants. Cue the candlesticks! When I found this pair of carved wooden candlesticks, I knew exactly the type of plant that would look fabulous on them – long and flowy. Of course, I also couldn’t pass up the cute flamingo planter (only $6.99!) that matches my flamingo artwork to a tee. I paired it with a spiky pink variegated plant which mimics feathers and the plant really brought the flamingo to life!

Photo by Morgan Doane

I’ve been a collector my whole life. I have treasures from just about every single trip or vacation I’ve ever taken. These keepsakes make me happy and I love displaying them because when I see them I am reminded of a trip to Mexico with my husband or a gift shop on Sanibel Island that I visited long ago with my Mom. The cubbies I found could be used for so many different things from office organization to holding kitchen spices. I chose to use them to highlight some of my little plants and souvenirs.

Photo by Morgan Doane

Whenever decorating with a lot of color, it’s nice to have some neutral wood and white mixed in to tame the brightness. This space in my home has a lot of pops of pink and green with some other bright colors scattered throughout like a happy rainbow. My best advice is to find a piece or two that really speak to you and build your space around them. In my case, the peacock chair is the anchor of this room, so when I found the cubbies and candlesticks in such complimentary wooden tones I got really excited. From there, I began filling the space in with things I love and didn’t stop until it had just the right amount of plants and the color pink.

Photo by Morgan Doane

I hope these ideas get you excited to Go Finding at HomeGoods just like I did. Every time I go to the store I find new things that pique my interest and call my name. The treasures are certainly there to be discovered. I can’t wait to see what I find next time!

Morgan Doane is a paid HomeGoods Partner

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