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4 Ways to Add Color to Your Winter Home

April 07, 2017
by Michael

Furniture and Home Accents

I don’t know about you, but I often find decorating during the months between the holiday season and spring to be a challenge. One part of me misses the lights and magic of the holidays, and another part of me is ready to clear the clutter. But no matter what, I always like my home to reflect the season, be cozy, and feel welcoming. What’s my trick to achieving that? Color! If you follow my blog, Inspired by Charm, or have read my posts here on Design Happy, you’ll know that my home and style are full of color. Today, I thought I’d share my passion and give you 4 Ways to Add Color to Your Winter Home.

Paint – When it comes to adding color, paint is one of the first things that comes to mind. However, don’t get overwhelmed with the thought of painting an entire room. While that is certainly a possibility for a big boost in color, it’s fine to think small, too. For example, I recently found a set of four plates while shopping at HomeGoods. I loved the design of the plates but wanted to give them a little more personality. So, I used craft paint to add a unique, modern, and colorful design to the plates.

It was as easy as the stroke of a brush. (You can get the full tutorial here on my blog.) I even updated a wood bead garland with paint to match.

Change Textiles – Shopping for pillows and throws is one of my favorite things to do at HomeGoods. Their selection is exceptional. (If you ever saw the storage containers full of throw pillows in my attic, you’d know I can’t get enough.) If you find your home feeling stale or “blah,” changing some of your textiles (i.e., pillows, throws, rugs, and towels.) can make a huge impact. In fact, I’m in the process of doing just that in my living room.

I found this beautiful dark teal throw pillow with a herringbone pattern that just might inspire an entirely new color palette for that space. For more inspiration on switching textiles, check out Jessica’s Design Happy post on her Living Room Refresh!

Plants and Flowers – During the winter months, I’m desperate to breathe new life into my home. One way to do that and add a burst of color is with plants and flowers. Pick succulents and create a tabletop garden, grab some herbs and decorate your window sill, or pick up a bunch of cut tulips at the grocery store.

There’s something about a living plant that can make a huge impact in a space. Plus, now you have an excuse to buy yourself some flowers. (You’re welcome.)

Swap Your Art – In my last post, I talked about ideas for decorating your walls, so naturally, changing up your wall art would be a way to add color to you home. Now, if you’re an art collector, this may not be a great option for you. However, if you buy things more for looks than monetary value, then this works.

HomeGoods has a fabulous selection of art at prices that make this option an affordable option. However, you can even shop your home and just move your art around to create a new color story in a different room. This can be a fun way to give a room a new life or inspire a fresh color palette for the season.

Obviously, there are plenty of other ideas for bringing color into your home, but I hope these four will help get you motivated and take away those winter blues. Happy decorating!

Michael Wurm Jr. is a paid HomeGoods Partner and the blogger behind the popular lifestyle blog, Inspired by Charm, where he shares his love for a decorated life. Whether it’s ideas for easy decorating, a delicious recipe, entertaining inspiration, or a unique DIY project, his goal is to provide tools and tips for everyone to live a happy, colorful life. You can also find Michael on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.